Monday, January 9, 2012

Yellow with Navy Dots

Hello there!  I wanted to share today's mani with you and finally got a minute to sit down and photograph it.  I've actually been busy with a few hours of frankening.  I'm super excited because I absolutely love coming up with my own shades and mixing my perfect shade (of green today!).  I went ahead and made a bulk order of some lacquer bases and pigment samples.  Of course, this is all another post, so let's get back to today's news!

This is what I ended up wearing today.  I was in the mood for something cute with a little bit of brightness too it, but not too much.  I hadn't gotten a chance to wear this yellow really.  

Here's a swatch of just Ulta's Sun-sational, the base color for this mani.  These pictures show three coats.  It has a pretty decent formula, not too thick or thin, but it applied patchy until the third coat.  I'm not a huge fan of yellow by itself on my skin tone either, so I had to come up with something to make it more interesting.

It is a very bright shade though!

I decided to do some dots, but to make it more interesting still.  I took American Apparel's Passport Blue and painted an S with the regular brush. 

Added some polka dots!

And voila!  

Thanks for reading!

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