Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stamping: White and Blue China (Kind Of)

Hello everyone!  I have another cute mani I couldn't wait to show you.  My husband usually goes to work in the afternoon and is around to remind me that I have stuff to do in the morning when I want to do my nails, but today he had to go in early and I got to pretend that all I have to do today is play with nail polish!

Eventually he'll come home and ruin this moment.

Yes, that is a pez dispenser.  I was moisturizing my cuticles when a friend called and asked if I needed any of the Hello Kitty Variety.  I mean, is that an actual question?  I dug this one out of my stash of HK stuff and snapped a few pictures for this post with her.  Eventually, I will do a HK manicure.

In any case, this is what I am really trying to show you.  I did this with a stamp, but I am new to stamping and am actually rather bad at it.  It probably doesn't help that I do it rarely and with polish that isn't the best for this, but this time it came out salvageable.  

I put down three coats of OPI Alpine Snow for a base.  I just have to say how much I hate white nail polish because I can't apply it to save my life.  Alpine Snow is the best I've worked with, but I would rate my previous bottle of white, China Glaze White on White, as pretty much the same.  I like the OPI brush better though.  I topped my white with a layer of Poshe and let it dry.

Then I got a package full of frankening bottles and in my excitement I proceeded to ruin my nails.  I only had to repaint a couple though, so we were still good!  I made myself watch some Star Trek on Netflix so I wouldn't touch anything.

When my polish was finally dry, I stared at my stamping plate and tried to decide what design I wanted to butcher today.  I decided something with a little less area involved would be better and went for this one.  I used American Apparel's Passport Blue, which seems to be one of my go-to polishes lately.  I am definitely going to need a back up bottle.  I can't tell you how much I love AA polish, so I'll just tell you that I LOVE American Apparel polish.

My stamping turned out halfway decent this time, at least I think so.  However, there was too much white space!  Yes, that was what I originally wanted but I'm a fickle creature.  I grabbed my dotting tool and some Orly Lucky Duck and added a few dots.  They blended really well without being distracting, so I was pleased!

Thanks for reading!

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