Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holographic Tape Mani

So I really, seriously, honestly tried to wear my last manicure for more than a day.  Actually, I wore it for two.  Then I decided that I was going to make myself a super-secret, super impressive birthday nail present for the end of the month.  (I will show it to you eventually!)  And this super-secret project happened to involve glue, which ended up all over my fingers and my nails.  I had to repaint them, you see.  Had to.

So I decided to start over with a new mani.  Let's see how long this one lasts!

Because I am honestly in love with these polishes.  I already showed you Ludurana's Aurora Boreal Superior when I paired it with Glitter Gal's Lizard Belly for half moons.  I picked up a second Glitter Gal polish from Llarowe, but I held off showing it to you on the blog because I was surprise gifting it to a couple friends.  Well, now that their care package has arrived, I can go ahead and post about Glitter Gal's 10 to Midnight.

This is another beautiful holographic polish in a charcoal shade.  I decided to do a simple and easy mani with scotch tape this time.

When I had Lizard Belly on last, it wore super well.  I didn't get any tip wear by the time I got antsy and took it off after three days.  I decided to see if 10 to Midnight would give me the same awesome results and put it on the tips of my nails.  It has an amazing formula too, very smooth and easy to work with.  I'm extremely pleased with how this manicure came out!

Thanks for reading!