Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revlon: Facets of Fuchsia

Last week, I picked up Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia and was on the fence about weather or not I wanted to keep it.  Alas, my hoarding tendencies got the better of me.  I decided I would.  However, I did pop back to the store to pick up another bottle because I wanted to have it for a swap and found that the shelves had two more bottles on them, plus two each of Starry Pink and Blue Mosaic!  I may or may not have picked them all up to help others expand their collections as well in the future.  More news on that soon!

In any case, I wanted to also see how Facets compared to a similar Love & Beauty polish that I had and adjusted with a little frankening.

There's a pretty clear difference between these polishes, but they are very similar.  I could tell in the bottles when I put them side by side but it's more pronounced on the nail and in the application.  I have Facets of Fuchsia on my index and middle fingers and the Love & Beauty franken on my ring and pinky fingers.

In this picture, you can also see that I have one coat of black and one coat of Facets of Fuchsia on my thumb for further comparison.

Here we can see that Facets of Fuchsia is more packed with glitter than L&B.  This is mostly my frankening fault.  I had a little of the L&B glitter with the hexagons left at the bottom of its bottle, taunting me after I'd used it to franken something else, so I dumped the rest of it into another L&B bottle that contained a black base with the smaller fuchsia glitter.  If I'd actually been trying to dupe FoF, I would have been more concerned with my ratio, but it was just a frankening fluke!

Here we can also see that the base for FoF is a very sheer jelly while my L&B franken is darker.  This is three coats of Revlon vs two coats of L&B.  

Of course, if I layer FoF over a black base, it achieves the same affect.  You can see it on my thumb in this picture.  Overall, I think that is how I would prefer to wear it if I wanted it to be opaque because three layers seems like a high ratio of glitter to black.

I also think the glitter is a little more purple in FoF and a tiny bit more pink in L&B.  It's a little hard to tell in the pictures, but in real life, that was the impression I got.

Thanks for reading!

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