Friday, January 6, 2012

Avon: Rave

Today I wanted to post a swatch of a polish that I was really surprised by when I got it.  It's called Rave and it's part of Avon's Nailwear Pro line of polishes.

My mom is an Avon lady, but she's a fairly low key one, no where near the Edward Scissorhands status of Avon Lady, but she sells and uses a fair bit of their products.  When I was really get into nail polish this fall, who else would I turn to for a good, quick selection?

I went a bit overboard and between two orders I'd collected almost twenty bottles from both their Nailwear Pro and Speed Dry+ lines.  Nailwear Pro, which is what Rave is from, is intended to be a very long lasting polish.  I don't tend to wear my polish long enough to test it, but I don't get immediate chips with it (2-3 days) so I assume it's doing its job.

Rave is a very pretty pink shade with a finish that wants to be a foil.  The glitter inside it is very fine, but not super duper fine, which gives it a bit of texture.  It's very reflective but not vivid or bold.  These pictures show two coats with no top coat.  The formula was great on this polish, not thick or thin, and it dried rather quickly!

You can see how shiny and metallic it is with my flash.  It's a warm, coppery pink, which I tend to like better than my more purple tinted pinks.  When I picked up the Foiled collection by Color Club, I was disappointed at how awful I thought Foiled Me Once looked on my skin.  I definitely like Rave as an alternative!

Lastly, I threw a quick coat of another foil on my thumb to compare the finish in Rave.  I definitely like the more textured look.  

Avon's Nailwear Pro is on sale right now on their website, 2 for $5.  Alternatively, you can look for a local Avon lady like I did!  Thanks Mom!

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