Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nails Inc Chelsea + A Franken!

Hello!  I've gotten a few new followers in the last week and I wanted to formally welcome everyone to my blog and thank you for taking the time to subscribe!

Today, I have a post mainly about a franken that I have been working on.  It doesn't have a name yet and I will probably tweak it a bit more before I call it done, but I decided to wear it as is for now.

This is the full manicure.  This franken is loose glitter that I added to a suspension base.  I was really happy at first because it seemed like this glitter wasn't melting or bleeding in the base, but after 24 hours, it looks like it bleed a tiny tiny bit and then stopped.  The base itself is slightly purple in the bottle, but goes on clear.  I swatched this on a white background every two hours after letting it sit for an initial two hours.  After about six, I noticed an ever so slight red tint to the base, but it hasn't gotten any worse since then.  

In any case, back to the manicure at hand!

This is the color I decided to layer my franken over.  I only own three Nails Inc polishes and Chelsea is one of them.  It came as part of the Donmar collection and at first I was kind of on the fence about buying it because I wanted the flaky it came with but not Chelsea.  In the end, I was glad that I caved and bought it anyway because this is a beautiful polish.  I don't always reach for something vampy, but Chelsea is gorgeous!    The formula was great the first few times I used it, but this time I did have to add a few drops of thinner as it empties.

I layered the glitter franken over Chelsea next.  At this point, it's a mix of a rich brown and gold bar glitters with a little bit more gold than brown.  Made this bottle very dense, so this is one very careful coat.

In the pictures, it looks like it muted the red in Chelsea a little bit, but in real life, it doesn't look like it so much.  Maybe a tiny tiny bit. 

Here you can really see the gold glitter.  Gold is tricky.  I don't like most shades, but this shade is really gorgeous.

And here you can really see the brown better.  It's also a beautiful, beautiful shade.  I really hope it's all done bleeding!

Here's a bottle shot!

And a close up of what's going on in there!

Thanks for reading!

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