Thursday, January 19, 2012

Revlon: Starry Pink

I somehow flubbed up my Tumblr queue so it was a post ahead of my blog.  I thought I'd be all efficient and queue up the photosets for these posts for the week and see how that works, for future reference.  I messed it up, of course =P  So today you're also getting this swatch post in addition to Facets of Fuchsia!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I picked up a couple bottles of Revlon's Starry Pink with my Facets of Fuchsia.  I actually really didn't mean to keep this one, but it had a little accident when the hubby and I went to go pick up dinner.  I thought we'd be gone for twenty minutes, half an hour at the most, so I left my OPI travel case unzipped under my desk.  Big mistake with my evil dog.

My cute, but evil dog.

See those teeth marks on the cap?  Yeah, that is dog damage.  This is one of the minor injuries.  My Orly Lucky Duck lid was much tastier.

In any case, I added this bottle of Starry Pink to my personal stash, so I decided to swatch it.  These photos show three coats on my pinky, ring finger and thumb.  My index and middle fingers have two coats of OPI Alpine Snow and two coats of Starry Pink for reference.  None of them have top coat. 

I honestly don't like this color on my nails.  I'm a bold, dark or bright color type of girl.  Pinks and neutrals just don't whip me into a frenzy, even when stuffed with glitter.  It's a pretty color in the bottle.  I like looking at it, but...I don't know that I'll wear it without any helpful layering suggestions.  Anyone got an idea?

And in other news, this stinker is fine, by the way.  He hasn't adapted his thumbs well enough to actually open the bottles and like I said, we were gone for the briefest of dinner runs.  I got a healthy reminder that nail polish boxes stay closed at all times and are preferably stored out of the Corgi Danger Zone.  Thanks for reading!

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