Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holographic Half Moons!

I have a very pretty and special manicure to show you all today!  These are my first half moons!  I've always liked the look, but I've always had some reason to just do something else.  When I accidentally botched my manicure trying to pack a box of polishes for my friends, I decided to do something simple and pretty.  My bottle of Ludurana Aurora Boreal Superior had just shown up, so I thought it would pair beautifully with Glitter Gal's Lizard Belly.

Here's a quick swatch of Superior.  It is such a beautiful, beautiful holographic polish.  I layered it over one coat of American Apparel Gold Flash to bring out the yellow and not waste polish!  The bottle is 8ml, so I definitely want it to last.

I used file reinforcement stickers as a guide line once Superior had dried and applied one coat of Lizard Belly on the exposed portion of the nail.  The trick was to peel them off immediately after painting to keep the line clean.

I did a little clean up on a few fingers with a nail art brush.

And top coated with Poshe as well as a layer of DS Top Coat.  Enjoy the pic spam of this manicure.  The holo is just so gorgeous in both polishes that I couldn't cut any out!

Thanks for reading!

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