Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today's Nail Haul Damage

My husband is going to stop taking me places soon, because everywhere we go is cursed with nail polish.  You know, according to him.  I think it's blessed.

In any case, my dog ran out of his Pet Kelp today.  The first time I bought the stuff, I was in California, so I wasn't sure where to get it.  Instead of looking online on their website, I thought we'd just pop by the pet stores around town, of which there are four.  We went to two earlier this week and had no luck finding it.  We went to Petco this morning and didn't find it, so obviously the logical course of action was to make the trip worth while and go to Sally's.

You know, obviously.

I picked up Orly Bonder because I managed to spill my base coat twice this week like the klutz that I am.  My husband said it was because my desk was a mess, and I could see his point, so I eventually cleaned it.  Nina Ultra Pro was still on sale too so I picked up Purple-Xing.  I reminded myself, however, that I have nail mail still coming this week, so I shouldn't go crazy.

But then we got a text from my sister-in-law saying it was snowing in the next town over and let me tell you something about my husband, he likes his snow.  It was a perfect excuse for us to pop over to Central Valley Market.

Which promptly turned into a perfect excuse to buy my first bottle of Butter London.

I couldn't help it.  It was destiny.  Central Valley is like a local version of a Whole Foods.  We go there promising ourselves that we won't spend too much, we'll pick up a few treats, go home, enjoy them, etc.  Butter London had a display in their big cosmetics area, which surprised me, but what really surprised me was the $11 price tag.  

So you can see why I had to do it!  I pretty much have stalked Wallis for about a month, trying to decide if and when to cave in and buy it.  I gave up my usual candy treats from Central Valley for it and settled on a bag of Christmas cookies marked down 90% ($0.30!  Delicious, btw!)  

It's ugly-pretty olive green too, my weakness!  

Thanks for reading!

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