Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I've kind of been sliding into a funk lately and I can't really tell why.  I know that things are starting to get odd when I start getting into weird sleep schedules.  Yesterday I slept way too much and today I can't sleep at all.  It's really hard for me to buckle down and write a blog post right now, but I have a cute bit of nail art to show you.

I honestly don't know why I painted orchids.  I have some weird fascination with them that has nothing to do with how pretty they are but more to do with how easy they are to kill.  My parents tried very hard for a while to keep potted orchids, but they all died in the end.  I guess it's that idea that you can't squish beautiful things into your control, but damn it if you won't try.  I do all the time.

In any case, this is my little attempt to capture them, in some way.  I ordered Zoya's Breezi from their new year promo for two polishes.  I am kind of in love with it, like fully and completely hooked on this shade of blue.  It's just so creamy and bold without being super bright.  However, I am totally on a search for the perfect shade of bright blue, which I am thinking Zoya Robyn might be for me, but suffice to say, I love Breezi today!  

Trying not to ramble is really difficult right now!  In any case, I put down two coats of Breezi and on my thumb and ring finger one coat of Milani Cyberspace.  Then I painted the leaves with Avon Olive Green and Icing Free Spirit.  Finally came the orchid flowers with the bottom of my China Glaze White on White bottle (Almost gone!!), Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine, Finger Paint's Black Expressionism and a bit of blending between the three.  

It was fun and I was almost ambitious enough to try my non-dominant hand...but then I decided not.  It got polka dots instead, but my nails are kind of ugly on that hand right now so I don't have a picture.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow. You painted those? O_O Pretty

  2. This is so pretty. Think I will try to copy them and ofcourse if I post it on my blog I'll let everyone know who inspired me.
    Great work!