Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love & Beauty: Currant

Greetings!  Today I'd like to show you a polish that I picked up with a little luck from Forever 21.

This is labeled as Currant by Love & Beauty and it was the last bottle at the bottom of one of their bins.  I'm not normally a red kind of girl and I blame it on feeling like it is a little too classic for who I am, but I do love to have a few good go-to red polishes.  I consider this one of them, especially because it has a bit going on with it.

Currant is a deep red jelly with a bunch of little gold flakies swimming around inside of it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice this polish is.  The formula is a great consistency that isn't too thick or too thin.  I actually normally avoided Forever 21 like the plague before my nail polish addiction prompted me to check out what they had.  If nothing else, I get very annoyed with stores with music so loud that you have to yell to your friends.  Unless, of course, the merchandise is worth it.

Because it's a jelly, it goes on sheer but I layered three coats on top of each other for these pictures, no top coat.  It's super shiny and pretty!

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