Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink Wednesday: DS Tapestry

Hello there!  Today I have my first pink Wednesday post!

DS Tapestry was on the shelves at a discount store, so I snapped it up.  I really love the quality of the DS polishes.  They wear a lot better on my nails than other OPI polishes with minimal fuss.  I actually skipped both SV and Poshe this time and put a layer of the DS Top Coat by itself.  Tada!  No tip wear after taking a shower and doing a light load of dishes!

Tapestry is a very pretty, sparkly pink with some fine holographic glitter inside of it.  It leans toward a red-orange pink (The first picture is very color true.)

The formula on this was smooth, but it fooled me when it came to opacity.  It seemed like it could be a one coater when I started painting, intending to do two, so I did my two thin coats only to find that I have a bit of nail line visible.  This irks me, so even though I think this color is super pretty and feminine with a little bit of a spark to it from the holo glitter, I'm probably repainting my nails again soon (surprise surprise!).

Thanks for reading!  Happy Pink Wednesday!

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