Friday, January 13, 2012

Frankening: The Star Trek Collection, Continued!

So I realized a few days after posting my "Star Trek Collection" of frankens that I actually completely forgot one of the shades!  And not just any one of the shades, I forgot the flagship, Enterprise!  I decided to give it its own quick post because it's my second favorite color of the collection and one of my favorite frankens.

Enterprise is a silver foil packed with silver glitter in multiple sizes.  It is super opaque and super smooth to apply.  This is two coats.

The glitter got a little eaten up by the foil finish in the first trial, so I dumped in some more.  It made the glitter stand out better, but it also made it a tiny bit gritty, so I have to be a little generous with top coat, but I just love the way this polish looks!  Not to mention that not only is it a nod to Starfleet's Flagship but it's also a nod to my favorite incarnation of Star Trek, Enterprise.

Thanks for reading!