Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frankening: The Star Trek Collection

Frankening: The Star Trek Collection

So here’s a fun fact: I love Star Trek.  My dad was a TOS fan, so I grew up watching reruns as well as TNG and Voyager.  I kind of dropped out of watching it with him through Deep Space Nine (Because we hated it) and Enterprise (Because I was a teenager and too old to watch TV with my dad, ick!).  

A while ago, however, Netflix put Star Trek on the instant queue.  I mean, after the JJ Abrams reboot, Star Trek was kind of cool again.  So I decided to go watch Enterprise, which I missed the first time around, and I have to say that I am one of those fans who loved this incarnation, though it was largely in part because I quickly started crushing on Lt. Malcolm Reed, played by Dominic Keating.  

In any case, I was visiting my parents for a while and I was watching Star Trek and making frankens when the idea came to me that space is pretty much one of the best inspirations for nail polish.  I mean, who doesn’t like glittery stars?  Well, I decided that I had to make a couple polishes themed around Star Trek.

The first one I made was kind of intended to be a Butter London Dark Knight dupe.  I tried to be a little bit creative and “duped” it with a dark purple base before, which I LOVE, but I wanted a black base too.

I called this “To Boldly Go.”  It just reminds me of warp drive and stars in, of course, space.  With a little extra color to be more adventurous.

My dad wanted me to name this after Spock, but I am totally more of a Bones fan girl, so I call it “I’m A Doctor, Not A Nail Polish!”  It's a little gritty from some of the glitter that I put in there, but a good layer of top coat smooths it right out.

This is “Live Long and Prosper.”  It took a long time to decide what we thought would be a good color for this.  My friend pushed hard for green because of Vulcan blood, which I was skeptical about.  Who wants blood to be the inspiration for a nail polish?  Well, I was mixing a green in hopes of coming up with something Borg related, but I went too dark.  Instead of lightening it again, I darkened it and got this really pretty green bottle that pretty much fit what we had in mind for Vulcans...

This is “Zero Gravity.”  Remember what I said about blood being a bad inspiration for nail polish?  Well, I changed my mind because of my dad reminding me of Klingon blood floating around in zero gravity.  My favorite color is pink and what a perfect excuse to mix one up! This isn't a color that I normally reach for when I'm buying polish, but I actually like how it turned out despite how it's leaning towards mauve.

Here’s my little nod to you, Captain Kirk with “Tiberius.”  I am not a captain girl, but this was just too good to pass up.  This golden orange is a really beautiful shade and no Star Trek collection would be complete without it.

This is “Expendable Crewman.” I did this one mostly because the name and the red shirt HAD to be a part of this collection.  It was a very simple formula that I didn’t have to do much to the color.  I darkened it a hair and added glitter.  Lazy franken! Sorry for the quality on this swatch! As I was painting the first coat, I was thinking that it could use a little thinner, but I was too excited to add some right away and just kept painting.

This is probably my favorite franken yet and I call it "Resistance is Futile."  I'm a greenaholic when it comes to nail polish and this color is pretty much me packing as much pretty green together into one bottle as I can!  Aside from going for some Borg and Star Trek themed to fit in my collection =)

That's it for my Star Trek Collection!  Thanks for reading!