Sunday, January 15, 2012

Galaxy Nails!

When I started getting really into nail polish, one of the first manis I was absolutely obsessed with was galaxy nails.  They go by a number of names, space nails, milky way, nebula, etc. but they all seek to showcase the beauty of space.  I’m completely obsessed with Star Trek so I HAD to try it.  Several times, in fact.

My first attempt wasn’t actually on my own nails.  I live in Washington, but I went to visit my family in California, so when my grandma came over for dinner, I asked if she would let me do her nails.  To my surprise, she not only said yes, she said yes to galaxy nails.

What a hip grandma, right?

I didn’t get particularly good pictures at first because I only had my phone and I hadn’t even tinkered with it to find its macro setting.  After they were done, we decided they were perfect because they matched her Un-wedding ring!

I decided to revisit them the other day because I was having one of my frequent Star Trek marathons.

Here's my latest one.  I tend to go very very colorful with my galaxies because I get excited.  I can't even see the black base on these this time!

My husband was making fun of me at dinner because I showed him my nails (Sometimes he forgets to look and I have to pretend he has offended me) and I told him I honestly didn't love them.  I mean, I love galaxy nails in general, but I feel like I went wrong by using all shimmer colors.  They look like...too much?

And maybe that makes me a little crazy...

Here's a list of the polishes that went into this:

Finger Paints Black Expressionism (one coat)
Orly Galaxy Girl
Orly Lunar Eclipse
Orly It's Not Rocket Science
OPI The One That Got Away
OPI Animalistic
OPI Rising Star
China Glaze White on White (I will use every last drop of you!!)
Kleancolor Pinky Moon
OPI I Juggle...Men

Thanks for reading!


  1. I think they look great...too much colour can never be a bad thing!

    1. Thanks! I generally agree about color. I think I just had a random moment with this mani because I like it now that I look back at the photos...

  2. Hi, I love this galaxy design!! Awesome job :) Would I be able to use one of your photos here for my blog as a reference? I will credit your work, of course!