Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: Pacman & Ms Pacman

My last post featured my BFFs and mentioned a contest that revolves around getting your favorite guy to sport some polish with you.  My hubby is a chronic nail biter who also destroys his cuticles like nobody's business.  However, out of love for me, and not wanting to have pictures taken with bloody fingers (Ew), he has spent and entire week pampering his nails for this manicure.

My hubby and I are total video game geeks, so when I told him about this contest, he was excited and actually suggested this before anything else.  

He took the night off from work for Valentine's Day, because he's a sweet kid like that.  We have a fondue dinner ever year and just finished our cheese course, which has us both stuffed.  I don't know HOW we're going to eat anymore...So we took a break to take some photos!

It was super fun to do his nails and even more exciting that he's not ripping them up right now!

And he loved them!  After we'd taken our photos, he told me, "You can paint my nails for fun again if you want!"

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Happy Valentine's!  Back to dinner!