Friday, February 24, 2012

Franken Friday: Black Based Shimmers

Hello everyone!  Today I've got another couple frankens to show you and this time I have swatches!

After I put together my base colors yesterday, I decided to get to some of the ingredients that I bought to have fun with.  TKB Trading recently started carrying loose flakies, so I ordered samples of them all to give them a test.  I tried them on their own in a suspension base and used them as a top coat over black, but I wasn't too impressed with the colors.  They're not as bright as what you find in premixed polishes, like the Finger Paints Special Effects collection for example and I probably wouldn't reach for it over them.  I decided to do some other experiments with them.

I wanted to experiment with black based shimmery colors, so I tinted my flaky base and added my pigments. This is the almost finished, unnamed product.

It comes off with a little bit of a rubbery finish.  On my index and ring fingers, I added top coat to compare.  my middle and pinky fingers have no top coat.  I want to try to shine it up a little when I get my last shipment.

In the bottle, you can see a lot of flakies, but they don't all get translated to the nail very well.  I think that I need to add more because of the vibrancy issue.

The color is something that I really liked in this one.  The pigment has a color shifting quality to it, blue to purple, that really shows through the black base.

It kind of makes me want to mix it into a top coat and give that a little try as well, but that's on the agenda for another day.

Overall, an interesting experiment and a better use for those flakies than a top coat.

This is the second color I mixed with some of the flakies and it turned out to be a bit of a waste for them, but a really pretty color nonetheless.  

You can see the flakies in the bottle, but they get completely lost on the nail.  If I mix this up again in the future, I won't bother with them.

The black I used is turning out to be a little green based so it took the gold pigment and made it look greenish, which I have no problem with.  

The finish is a little more shiny in general in this bottle, though I did the same top coat and no top coat nail combination to compare.  My camera couldn't seem to pick up a good shot to show you the difference.

So happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


  1. the last green tinted one!