Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Julep Box: March Bombshell

Today, I got a nice little stack of packages.  The last of my franken bases showed up and I promptly started finishing formulas and bottling my custom polishes.  I also got a nice big glitter shipment that I set about testing to see if they're solvent resistant.  I'm going to report on all of that later, but for now, my third package of the day has me scratching my head...

My Julep Maven box showed up and I was actually really excited about it.  After hours of mixing and pouring, I painted my nails with Natasha and Sofia.

I'm kind of sitting here wondering what I was thinking when I went ahead and painted this on my nails.  You see, I did a nail wheel swatch and I thought the same thing.  "This is horrid," I text my BFF.  But I still did it.  These two colors are from the March Bombshell box by Julep.  I'm an "It Girl" according to their quiz, but that box didn't speak to me as loudly as the Bombshell (It was the green, in case you were wondering).  But looking at the green over the orange, I just can't.  I CAN'T.  

On the plus side, I like Natasha A LOT.  So let's just forget the whole thing where I layered them on top of each other, like I thought Julep intended, ever happened and talk about her.  I thought she was similar to one of my America Apparel polishes, Lopez Canyon, and she is a little, but Natasha is brighter.  In this photo, you can see Lopez Canyon, Natasha, Lopez Canyon and Natasha.

I was a little annoyed with the application at first because the Julep bottle requires them to put a very long brush in it and I had a lot running down the stem.  In addition, the second coat was pretty thick and I still had visible nail line.  I cooled my jets for a few minutes to let it dry then added a third coat and finally got an even, beautiful coverage.  

And then, of course, I went and ruined it with Sofia... *grumble grumble*  I honestly like Sofia, just not with the polish it came with.  I'm going to forgive her eventually, give her another chance one day, maybe over blue...  I had originally considered ordering one more of the top coats, but I'm going to wait and see what other bloggers have to say about them at this point.  Unless they're way more awesome, I'm going to pass.

Just to end on a positive note, I want to show you one of my latest test creations.  I did this swatch really quick to send to my BFF with Natasha right before I did my earlier manicure.  I think it's a good way to cheer myself up to look at it again.

Thanks for reading!