Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Valentine's Day Mani: Swans in Love

Hello everyone!  Today's post is all about an adorable Valentine's Day manicure.  When I text a picture to my BFF to see what she thought of it, she said, "I think I just got a cavity.  If those were any more adorable rainbows would be popping out my ears."  Yes, it's precious.

I decided to start off the week before Valentine's with a pair of swans in love.  This was really hard to photograph because my fingers kept turning out super shiny and I had to do a bit more clean up than normal because I sponged the background on and of course got it everywhere.  Stupid sponge!  In any case, I shot these photos twice, once last night and once this morning, but I only used the ones from this morning.  

After I did the background, I painted the water by dabbing different shades of blue on with a brush.  Then I got out my itty bitty nail art brush and free-handed the swans.  I think they look alright.  You can see some of the shadows that I added to them in this picture, but the color was very, very light and between top coat and my camera not picking it up, it's not as pronounced.

This is also my first time using my FIMO canes.  I used top coat to adhere them, then top coated over them and they are not going anywhere!

And this last picture is of my right hand!  Yes, I painted those swans with my non-dominant hand!  I was super surprised that they turned out looking like, well, what they were supposed to be.  Nail art is improving my hand-eye coordination better than video games ever did =)  I managed to chip my thumb here unfortunately.  I was cleaning the kitchen this morning and that's probably what did it.  I wasn't even washing anything, just putting stuff away but I do have quite a few layers of lacquer on each nail, so I'm not too shocked.  Just means I have to repaint them!

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  1. This is so beautiful and creative!

  2. Wow, this is really beautiful. Love the swans and they are great symbol for lasting love. Amazing work with your non-dominant hand too.