Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Dots! More Dots!

Hey folks!  How's it going?

Firstly, before I jump into the manicure for today, I wanted to mention that I was asked to be featured on a great fashion blog, Thoughts of a Fashion Junkiiee.  She asked me a few questions and told me about her mission to revamp her blog to focus on independent and small businesses in the fashion industry.  You can find the feature here.

And now, on to the nail polish!  I've been having a little bit of wrist pain in my dominant wrist the last few days (nothing serious) so after painting my nails white and creating a blank canvas, I didn't want to do something really intricate with a shaky hand.  (Trust me, the clean up was already enough of a disaster today!)  Instead, I thought I'd get out the dotting tool and do my entry for Chalkboard Nails's nail art contest.  Nail art brushes aren't allowed, just dots!

I got my order from Zoya's Valentine's Day promo where I ordered Purity in my ongoing search for the perfect white cream.  It is a really good option, though I still had to baby it a little and did end up adding a couple drops of thinner.  It evened out pretty well at the third coat.  

The red in this manicure was my free polish, Moxie, and it is fabulous in color and formula.  I spent a bit of time trying to decide what red I wanted.  The promo offered free shipping as well, which was what had me excited because the first time I ordered from Zoya, shipping was almost as much as one of their bottles of polish and I can't get Zoya locally anymore.  In any case, I'm really happy with Moxie and Purity isn't perfect but it's workable, so it was an all around good deal.

The blue is also a Zoya, Breezi, one of my favorite polishes in my stash for both its lovely color and its flawless application.  I got it in another promo where it was free.  I think this post is probably the biggest plug for following Zoya on the FB or Twitter machines for their promos because honestly, two out of three were free polishes and that isn't bad!  

But enough with the pitches!

Since nail art brushes were prohibited for the contest, I used the brushes in the bottles, which were very easy to use for this design, for one thing because Zoya has smaller brushes.  Then I used different sized dotting tools and voila!  That's about all there was to it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This looks so great! And that's too bad about your Zoya Purity, cause I have Purity as well and it's perfect!

    1. Thanks! I think that at this point, white nail polish hates me...

  2. I've just discovered your entry on Sarah's contest and I really like your blog, not to mention your design. Great job!