Monday, February 6, 2012

Nubar Unfaithful Red Half Moons

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a nice weekend!  Today I'm going to show you my first Nubar polish, which has become my favorite red so far in just a couple days.  Are you excited?  Well, I am!  Just check out my exclamation marks!

Whenever I get a color with a tricky formula, I try to work things out, speak softly to it and not give up.  I have only bought a couple polishes that I find absolutely unworkable.  That said, when I find an amazing formula, I go nuts for it.  Nubar's Unfaithful Red has the most beautiful formula of any red I've tried, cream, shimmer or otherwise beautiful finish.  It is just so smooth that I was amazed by it.  And let's just talk about that finish!  It's part of their metallic collection, so it has this beautiful, shiny finish that seriously looks metallic and almost glows with light!  

In these pictures, you can see that the bottle has a little gold duo chrome effect going on, which unfortunately didn't transfer to the nail.  That's one of the disappointments with this polish.  The other was that I got shrinkage.  I really need to get more Poshe top coat, but I have a big refill bottle of SV that is still mostly full.  Oh, and I am on a no-buy, and though usually I don't count treatments in that if I really need them, I broke my no-buy when I found four of the Finger Paints flakies at a Sally's tucked out in the woods near my father-in-law's house!  Bad me!  No Poshe until I get my act together!

In any case, let's get back to the mani at hand.  I really wanted to wear this instead of just swatching it, so I decided that half moons would be pretty and not overwhelm the new, red love of my life.  I kept them neutral with American Apparel's Mouse.

I had the sales associate at that Sally's fascinated with this red.  She and I gabbed about it and then about the flakies.  I always seem to be wearing half moons when I go into Sally's and I'm beginning to think this manicure might be cursed (Or blessed, when I am not on a no-buy!).  

I'm really looking forward to my other two bottles of Nubar polish now.  I've done nail wheel swatches and they're pretty awesome as well.  First, I'm going to start getting into some Valentine's Day Manicures!  

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would never have thought of this colour combination - it is so good!

    1. I was actually really surprised at how well it worked too, lol. I thought about doing white or gold, no idea what convinced me to try Mouse!