Friday, February 3, 2012

Frankening: Some Glittery Fun

I've been playing with glitter in my frankens lately and have a few to show you today.  Some of them contain loose glitter, some are premixed polishes that I have further mixed with other polishes.  They're an assortment of sparkling fun!

The first one is pretty much a confetti cake for my nails.  I bought a bottle of Ulta's Pinata-Yada-Yada for the purpose of frankening and had about a third of it left.  I decided to add the rest of a bottle of white to it and then dump in various micro glitter.  I've seen this around before, I believe as a franken, so I admit that it's not terribly original, but I mixed myself some.

It's a little gritty, as these pictures show.  They were taken of two coats, no top coat.  I did top coat on the nail wheel swatch and a generous but not too thick layer of SV smoothed it almost perfectly.

This polish is where more of Pinata-Yada-Yada went.  It's another one that isn't too original, but I really liked the idea of having a pale minty green version of something like Candy Shop.  I followed the same idea as the white confetti cake, though I held back the micro glitter and went for more of the larger hexagons and more of the base.

I definitely have to apologize for the paint job on this one though.  I have to add some thinner to improve the formula of this one.  My husband also bumped into my hand when he came over to kiss me goodbye before he went to work.  Excuses aside, I was horribly messy with this one =(

In addition to these, I wanted to show you my Revlon Whimsical "dupe."  However, I had a bit of trouble with it because of the glitter I used.  It was already suspended inside a clear base, so I worked around it.  I probably would have been better off trying to create a jelly sandwich that imitated Whimsical though.  The consistency of my failed franken is awful and the glitter is way too sparse!  And I ran out through both my experimental bottles!  I'm going to mix a base and try loose glitter, but I had to order it online and it won't be here for a while.  

In the meantime, I decided to swatch my pure glitter frankens for you! 

I don't have names for most of these yet, still conferring with my BFF.  This one is actually more of a failure that was too pretty to completely give up on.  The red glitter in it bleeds, so I ended up with a red jelly base instead of a clear one.  The rest of the glitter, orange, blue and holo as well as two shades of gold bars, seem to work okay, but it's hard to tell with so much red jelly.  In any case, I can still wear it over colors that the red doesn't affect much.  Or I can wear it on its own, as it is dense enough to be opaque in three coats.

I swatched it over black to show it to you today.  My index finger has two coats, the others have one coat.  I think the colors are simply too pretty to give up, so I'm going to do some hand mixing of micro glitter when I get the chance to try to replicate this look without accidentally tinting my base.

This one came out looking a lot like OPI's Save Me from the Nicki Minaj collection.  I have Save Me and I keep finding excuses not to wear it, so I'm still kind of asking myself why I felt the need to mix this up.  I guess I was just itching to use the bar glitter in this.  I have this little container of it, black and holographic and a little goes a long way with this stuff.  I combined it with some fine holographic glitter here.

I am really not crazy about this color combo.  That's Barielle's Sailors Delight that I used for Wednesday's post.  I guess I was going for something like Save Me and Pink Friday, but I think I should have reached for something else.

I don't have a name for this one.  It's most of a bottle of premixed glitter, red, black and silver hexagons and red micro glitter, plus a bit of the same black and holographic bar glitter from the previous franken.  It's honestly an answer to "Do I need new boots and therefore toes this winter or do I need Lynnderella's Lucky Numbers?"  When I bought Connect the Dots, that was the dilemma.  I'm oh so glad I bought the boots, as blasphemous as that sounds, because my toes have been warm for about a month.  

I also wasn't thinking things through when I went to layer this over silver because you can't see the silver hexagons now.  Doh!

Lastly, I have my attempt to "dupe" the famous Mad As A Hatter.  I wasn't nail polish crazy when this came out and I wasn't going to buy it off eBay when I knew I could mix something that is at least really close.  Since I can only compare it to pictures, I won't claim it's a dupe.  I'll just call it an approximation inspired by MAAH!  I'm thinking of formally naming it We're All Slightly Silly Here.

For these photos, I layered two coats over black.  It would be completely opaque with one more coat.  I think it's pretty much the most productive thing I've frankened this week.  It's so gorgeous in person, these pictures really don't show you everything!

I started with a premixed bottle of purple and blue micro glitter, added a generous amount of suspension base, and started pouring in more loose micro glitter in silver, pink, green, and a tad of a very yellow gold.  I then added a little bit of red micro glitter in a clear base.  It's essentially what I expected it would be.  

I didn't actually want to take this off, but I was in the middle of swatching and I had too!  One day I'll wear it again.  I mixed up a second bottle of this for my BFF, but I only have enough base left now to test the glitter in the mail to me.  I have to wait for TKB to be able to ship bases again to place an order, so I think that I'll cool my frankening jets until then!

Thanks for reading!