Saturday, February 4, 2012

American Apparel: African Violet, Army Jacket & Mouse

Hello everyone!  Today I've got more swatches for you from American Apparel.  If you're new to my blog, this will tell you how much I love my AA polishes!  Their basic line is full of creams with just awesome formulas, most of the ones I have tried being one coaters.  I popped into a store on my birthday and picked up these latest three shades.

African Violet has been on my wishlist for a while.  This shade is just so bold and pretty and I know I'm going to turn to it for a lot of nail art.

These pictures show one coat, no top coat.  One coat, my favorite!  The formula was amazing and smooth, just like I was hoping for, and it's so shiny.  

I also had Army Jacket on my wishlist for a while because of my love for ugly greens.  I really love the shade on this one, but it photographed a tad brighter and yellower than it looks in person, so just a warning.  It's more olive in real life.

This one wasn't quite a one coater, however.  The first coat was almost opaque, but I added a very thin second one to finish it off.  I don't mind because the formula is still so smooth and easy to work with.

Lastly, I have Mouse, which wasn't actually anything I wanted originally.  I had seen it online and felt very ambivalent about it.  I was going to buy a blue, but I recently did an inventory of all my blues and greens and realized about a third of a my stash consists of those two colors and not including the glitters in those colors.  So while I was standing at the AA display, I picked up Mouse and thought, "Wow, it looks a lot more interesting in person (as far as gray goes) than online!"

Mouse wasn't a one coater either, the same as Army Jacket.  One coat almost did it but not quite, so I did a very thin second coat.  Still has that excellent formula!  I'm not really a neutral shade kind of girl, so I didn't expect to like Mouse by itself so much, but I think because it's warmer and leans toward brown that I like it better than most other pale grays I've tried.  

I don't see too many AA polishes around.  They're very basic creams, though recently they did a small line of glitters, a small line of metallics, and a line of neons.  The reason I love them so much is definitely the formula. They retail for $6 and are available on the American Apparel website.  If you buy three, they give you a dollar off each one, though online you have to buy their pre-selected packs of three (in store you can pick whatever colors you want, I keep hoping they'll add that to the website, but I haven't placed an order recently to find out!)

Do you have any experience with AA polishes?

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. I dont have any but they look great - Im a creme girl too!

  2. Wow one coaters and such pretty shades! I especially like teh Army Jacket.