Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Funky Shapes and Disco Biscuit!

If you follow me on the FB and Twitter machines, you might have caught that last night I broke the thumbnail on my blogging hand.  I was completely tragic, but not entirely unexpected.  A while ago, I was chopping onions and the knife slipped and nicked the middle of my thumbnail.  I was really happy at that point that I had fingernails to protect my fingers, let me tell you.  However, I did damage the nail.  As it grew out, it cracked and I used nail glue to help it keep from cracking anymore.  I considered investing in a repair kit, but it seemed to be working out just fine as it was and I didn't think about it.

Well, the last time I went to file my nails down, the crack had just about grown out and I was happy.  But then, after a few days, it broke.  It was really just a little chip, but the problem was that it wasn't across the top, it was diagonal from the tip down the side a little ways.  I really hate having nails that are significantly different in size, so I knew I would have to file them all down and got to work.

Which is where I decided to play with my nail shape and do some funky asymmetrical curves for kicks.

This is temporary, so if you hate it, don't fret.  I'm just always up for playing around with my nails.  Since I'm going to take them all down to almost nubs in a day or two, I figured it would be fun to play around with.

I did pretty well over the weekend and only bought one polish, Butter London's Disco Biscuit.  Aside from the awesomely bright and bold pink color and the beautiful glitter inside, the name is pretty much my favorite thing to say...  I am such an annoying person, I don't know how anyone puts up with me...  Anyway!  The only reason I ended up with it was because my hubby needed a get-out-of-jail-free card, and he knew that I'd been eyeing it and kept saying, "No, I don't need it..."  There's a big local specialty foods store a town over that we visit a lot/spend too much money at, and it has a big bath & beauty section.  They happen to sell Butter London cheaper than anywhere else, so score!  

I actually had a fairly good reason for not buying Disco Biscuit despite how much I kind of loved it.  It's very similar to OPI's Be A Dahlia Won't You, the major differences being opacity/consistency and the color of the flecks in each.  However, when I compared them on a wheel, I immediately thought, "OMG, let's layer them!"  This convinced me that I did, in fact, need Disco Biscuit.  Pink flecks + iridescent purple flecks?  YES.  PLEASE.  

It's a little bit hard to capture the effect in a photo, so I apologize if you can't see it very well.  It's so gorgeous and outrageous on my nails, I just love it.  This is two coats of Be a Dahlia with two coats of Disco Biscuit on top.

In any case, this is my first asymmetrical nail design.  I'm a little underwhelmed, even with sparkly rhinestone accents, but I decided to show it to you anyway. It's pretty basic.  I wanted the lines to kind of accentuate the shape of the nail, but I did a bad job...

My eyes gravitate to the bottle more than my nails here, so I don't blame you if you feel the same way...


Totally uncalled for, I know >_>

Thanks for reading!

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