Sunday, February 12, 2012

Revlon Whimsical: Why Don't I Love You?

Revlon Whimsical has been running around the blogosphere flirting with us for a little while and I've been looking for its elusive royal highness for a few weeks.  And I mean really hunting for it specifically.  Well, after no luck locally, I decided that if it I was going to find it, it would happen when I least expected it.  Of course, that's when it did.  I went to Rite Aid to get some cuticle oil for my hubby, who I have been subjecting to No-Bite treatments for a week now, and as I walked by the Revlon display, a single, lonely bottle of Whimsical caught my eye.

So I bought it.

Here's my comparison post between Whimsical and my two frankens that I did with a glitter that reminded me of Whimsical.  On my pinky is two coats of Whimsical on its own.  My ring finger has the franken that I tinted a slight green and my middle finger has a franken where I tried to approximate the actual base of Whimsical from online swatches.  On my index finger is two coats of Whimsical over white.  Finally, in the picture below, I have the non-green one on my thumb in two coats.

Confused yet?  Well, I'm not really going to talk about the differences in the frankens. They're essentially the same, one with a few drops of green.  What I do want to talk about is Whimsical itself.

In the bottle, Whimsical is this pretty, light blue jelly with pale pink and blue hexagons, smaller silver hexagons and micro glitter that flashes from blue to teal.  Pretty and fascinating, right?  

Unfortunately, this polish made all those promises to me and completely underwhelmed me when I put it on.  Yes, it's still sweet and cute, but no where near as awesome as I wanted to believe it was.  When I went to swatch it, I ended up with almost no glitter on the brush.  Difficult glitters are usually something I grumble about and move on, so I proceeded to fish out the hexagons and turned the bottle upside down as my friend suggested.  It helped maybe a smidgen, but I was still fishing and had to place the glitter where I wanted it.

You can see how stained my nails are under all this sheer polish, yuck.  Try to ignore it!  I will try never to show you that ugly side of me again!   

In any case, I swatched the frankens beside Whimsical to mostly give you an idea of what I expected it to be. I made these two bottles before I got my hands on the actual thing.  The glitter I used isn't an exact match as far as colors go, but I was prepared for that.  I was just expecting something more...interesting from Whimsical itself.  Maybe I'm just not completely sold on something so pale once again, pretty much how I felt about Starry Pink.  Ah well, we'll always have Paris.  I might try it again in an actual manicure, layered over something awesome to spice it up.  Until then, to the depths of the stash with you, Whimsical!

Thanks for reading!

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