Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Mani: My BFFs Are Pretty Much The Most Awesome People Ever

So if you follow me on the FB, Twitter and Tumblr machines, you might have seen me talking about my BFFs and their nail art, particularly for a recent contest.  Today, I'm so excited to bring you a guest mani that they sent me pictures of for my blog.  I had to do a little convincing, but when I saw this manicure in a text, I was so in love with it!  I really wanted to feature it here and I'm so so happy that they're letting me!

This is all a beautiful freehand job done by Bryan on Erica's nails.  How fabulous is that!?

The blue and white china inspired look is just so pretty!  And it was executed so well!  The windmills got me. They're just so much fun!

In addition to this manicure, they've also teamed up to do a manicure for Lacquerman's Valentine's contest on Facebook!

This is their entry, which I definitely encourage you to vote for here!


  1. This is really pretty! It actually reminds me of vintage dishes. I forget who makes the fancy blue and white stuff lol.

    1. I have some dishes with this pretty blue and white combination from China but my mom has some from Denmark! They have different artwork, of course, but I think it's been adopted by a lot of people because it's super delicate and pretty. My BFF and her Windmills make me think of the Danish ones =)