Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cult Nails: Toxic Seaweed

Today I received my order from Cult Nails in the mail and immediately had to jump on the Toxic Seaweed bandwagon.  I mean, come on, it's green and it's beautiful!  Are you ready for a picture spam?

I wasn't too interested in the whole collection from Cult Nails that this polish is a part of because I didn't think I would really wear the neutrals often enough to justify buying them all.  However, the moment I saw Toxic Seaweed, I needed it in my life.  

This polish is a beautiful dark forest green jelly packed with glitter and flakies.  It's been mentioned that it is a limited edition because they aren't sure if they can find new flakies once this supply is gone.  It doesn't appear to be a small batch though because it's still available for purchase on the Cult Nails website.  (It's not too late!!)  I did buy two bottles when it was finally listed for individual sale because I wanted a backup bottle, just in case.  

I did some nail wheel swatching before I painted and it's really a gorgeous color on its own, but when I layered it over China Glaze's Glittering Garland, I was sooo mesmerized.  It leans a little bit blue on its own and I really was looking for this deep forest green today.  These photos show two coats of Glittering Garland with one coat of Toxic Seaweed on top.  

In addition to Toxic Seaweed, I also bought their top coat and base coat combo because I've been reading good things about Wicked Fast.  I used two coats of it on top of the color because one was just a little too thin to hide all the grittiness from the glitters.  I was really impressed with how shiny this top coat is, almost as pretty as OPI's DS top coat.  I'm excited to see if it is also as durable!

The shine was so easy to capture in these pictures that it made it hard to see the polish underneath all that light!

The flakies in Toxic Seaweed are also color shifting from copper to green.  I tried to take pictures from different angles so you could see the effect here.

This is definitely my favorite polish released this year so far and it's going to be tough to beat!  

Thanks for reading!


  1. OH that is one gorgeous polish!

    1. It's so beautiful! Cult Nails did a fantastic job with this one!

  2. Oh this looks much much better layered! *_*

    1. It came out darker and with MORE glitter, which is pretty awesome in my book =D