Friday, March 9, 2012

Face Off! Julep Portia Vs. Warpaint Glow Turq: FIGHT.

I typed in my title and realized that I was having one of those, "Oops, I forgot to eat..." days, but I've decided to leave it because even after eating, it amuses me.  I've been cleaning the house today and running errands because we're having friends over to our cozy abode this weekend and I have nail polish EVERYWHERE.  What else is new?

In any case, today I have a comparison post for you.

When I got my March Julep box, I did a post about one of their other new shades, another glitter top coat.  I ultimately picked Sofia because it was green and I can't resist green, but after she betrayed me, I really wished that I had picked the box with Portia.  Portia is a light blue jelly with iridescent rainbow glitter, which makes her the pretty one.

Lucky enough for me, Julep had a Twitter promo where you could get 50% on all polish orders last Friday and since I #TwitterStalk anyone for deals and promos, I ordered Portia.  However, over the weekend, I was at the mall and my husband wandered into Hot Topic again, looking for band shirts and nerdy shirts, giving me time to go shop their nail polish.  I quickly found a sale, Warpaint Beauty products all on sale for $1.99.  I picked up Glow Turq and another neon shade (I needed it!).  I'm really surprised I didn't take the whole display with me...

In these pictures, I am wearing one coat of Portia on my index and ring fingers and Glow Turq on my middle and pinky fingers, over China Glaze Smoke and Ashes.  I probably should have grabbed my plain black, but I didn't.  Oops...

I bought Glow Turq specifically so I could compare it to Portia.  When I got them side by side, I could immediately tell that they had different sized, same colored glitter in a similar base.  And Portia was still prettier.  Actually, waaaaaay prettier.  

The difference on the nail is less noticeable, but because Glow Turq has finer glitter, my camera hated it and would not focus on it.  Portia is still prettier.

When I was playing with Glow Turq, waiting for Prettier-Than-You Portia in the mail, I grabbed Sofia and by chance found out that Sofia glows in the dark.  I couldn't get Portia to glow though, so I think she is inferior to her sister in that respect, but still prettier.  I tried over black and over white, just in case.  In this picture, I have Portia on my middle, ring and pinky fingers and Glow Turq on my index, just for a glow test.  That's also why the white layer is awful.  I was testing another bottle of white and it was...well, I am going to gift it to someone I hate.

In any case, you can see it a little better here, how Portia's glitter is more varied in size and prettier.  Because she's the pretty one.  

But what's the final verdict?  Do I need them both?

Well, no.  And I do like Portia more in this case.  I'm hardly ever in a situation where glow in the dark nail polish is noticed let alone desired for that simple trick, and that is the only thing Glow Turq has on Portia.  Well, that and being more budget conscious.  It was fair cheaper to buy Warpaint than Julep, especially considering the size of the bottles and the fact that I have never seen Warpaint not on sale.  (Last time, it was buy one, get one!)

But Portia is still prettier.


  1. I just got my first Julep box and I was really happy with it!

  2. Thanks for the post and let's not forget this: "[Julep's] fast-drying professional “four-free” formulation is free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin." {Taken from the Sephora page on Julep. Surprisingly, I didn't find this information on Julep's site.}

    1. ps: I think you helped me decide to buy Portia, as well! I just came across their Maven promo and am contemplating signing up. As much as I dislike monthly fees, Portia is available as an addon for only $4.99 in addition to the first month's box being discounted to $0 rather than $19.99 with the code FREEBOX!