Saturday, March 31, 2012

Homage Month!

Hey again everyone!  This is just a quick post, but I wanted to take a moment to pass on a fabulous idea that I heard about from Michele at Simple-and-Beautiful.  It's called Homage month!  Here's what it's about:

Do as many manicures you want a week!! (once a week or one everyday)
You can pay homage to as many or as little Nail Artists you’d like to!!You can do multiple manicures from the same Nail Artist if you wish!!

What must be included in EVERY post:
Must link to the original post by Nail Artist!
Must tag the Nail Artist!Include a Homage Month tag!
All posts should start…My Homage to [insert Nail Artist linking to original post]…so everyone knows it’s for Homage Month. Then anything you wish!  

I've been inspired by so many awesome nail artists and I'm excited to celebrate them!  I'm starting this in April (Tomorrow!) and invite anyone who's up for it to join me!


  1. What an awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing! I re-blogged it! :D

  2. Such a awesome idea!!
    Would have joined you if I don't have exams coming up later this month :(