Monday, March 5, 2012

Pop Tart Giveaway!

Sounds mighty delicious, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, I am not giving you one of the guilty pleasure toaster pastries.  I am giving you a chance to own my first edition of Lacquer Convention's Pop Tart custom blended nail polish shade.  Over the weekend, I posted swatches of it and said that this particular glitter blend is going away.  While I tinker with other glitters and experiment, I still want to let some of my followers get a peek, so this is a big thank you to all of you for supporting my blog!

Here's how this little giveaway is going to work:

I'm giving away two (2) bottles of Pop Tart to two lucky followers.  Here's the swatch picture I posted again, just in case you missed it!

In order to enter, you need to follow me through at least one (1) of these methods:

-Google Friend Connect (GFC, Click Follow This Site in my sidebar)
-Tumblr (
-Facebook Machine (

For the first entry: Share this giveaway (FB machine, Twitter machine, your blog in a post, sidebar or giveaway tab, reblog) and post a link at the end of your comment for your second entry.

For the second entry:

Comment here and answer this question: What is your idea of your favorite nail polish?  Do you own a bottle that has all the qualities that are important to you or are you still searching for that perfect bottle?

For a bonus third entry, I want you to submit a picture of you holding a Pop Tart.  Now, I know not everyone likes Pop Tarts or other toaster pastries, and I know not everyone is going to race out to the store to buy a pop tart just to take a picture of it!  (Though you could also eat it afterward.)  That's why I'm going to let you get creative.  The Pop Tart doesn't have to be real.  It can be a printed picture or a drawing or a sculpture or made of macaroni!  It can be a cat dressed as a Pop Tart!  It can be pop tart nail art!  It just has to resemble a pop tart.  And you don't have to show me more than your hand holding this picture if you're a little camera shy.  However, this is a nail polish blog and I want to see that you are wearing nail polish!

So again the photo requirements: A pop tart and some nail polish!

Good luck and have fun!

Rules and Guidelines:
-This contest is open internationally, but I am not responsible for customs fees.  I will ship the winning bottle with the understanding that the recipient will assume responsibilities for such fees.
-This contest closes on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST.
-Prizes for this contest are furnished by me and only me in affiliation only with my blog, The Broad Stroke and my polish line, Lacquer Convention.
-Photos that contain offensive or inappropriate material will be disqualified and all your entries will be retracted.  This includes nudity, racism, profanity, violence, etc.  I am the judge of what constitutes offensive and I reserve the right to disqualify you.
-One entry per person, so if you follow me on several sites, I'm sorry, but I'll only count one of your comments.
-Entries will be gathered from all sites that I have approved as ways to follow me (Blogger GFC, Tumblr, and  Facebook).
-I'm not turning on anonymous comments anywhere.  You pretty much have to have an account on all these websites to follow me, so there should be no need for them anyway.
-When the winner is chosen for the first bottle, their name and entries will be removed in the drawing for the second bottle.  One bottle per person!
-Emails will only be used to contact the winners.
-Rules are subject to change if the need arises to prevent cheating and exploitation.


  1. I'm following you with GFC as Danielle/See Shop Love!

  2. I loveduo/multichrome nail polishes and I think I've found my holy grail, which is Faye by Zoya. It's just so gorgeous, has great staying power--I love everything about it!



  3. I love linear holo polishes. Any color - they are all just wonderful. If I could have one in every possible color, I would. :)

    Jen on GFC and Jen's Nail Files on FB.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  4. At the moment, Essie Shine of the Time is my ideal polish.

  5. im a follower via gfc: rhaindropz
    spread the word here:!/rhaindropz/status/176863964364419072

    my fave nail polish.. anything that is purple/violet/plum color.. even in matte..glossy or with shimmers/glitters ^_^

  6. im a follower via gfc: Enchanting Cosmetics
    also on facebook: Enchanting Cosmetics
    spread the word:

    My ideal nail polish would be a bright pink with mega sparkles that also has a quick drying time. (I do not have this YET lol)

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. My favorite nail polishes are duochrome from blue to purple (my two favorite colors!). My favorite mani had Wet n Wild's Blue Moon as a base with Blaster (duochrome glitter) on top and it was just PERFECT!

    And my "poptart" pic: (yes I'm just holding the decal over my toe....I didn't want to risk tearing it!! Also, it's a bit too big >.> and I suck at art!)

  8. Hiya,

    GFC jazzqueen64
    My ideal polish would be a holo or sparkly polish that you don't have to have sunshine to see the effect, hope that makes sense!

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  10. Hello hello!
    My GFC is RED FOG:)))
    The sharing link:!
    About my favorite nail polish...hmmm...I love most of the polishes I got but the ONE I dream for is a kind of red jelly with huge black hexs and square glitters in it ....something bloody and sparkly:))
    This Pop tart of yours is such a tender white with a pinkish tone ..looks amazing with the glitter parts:))))
    Hope to see one it on my nails :))))

  11. My favourite nail polish is a holographic. I don't have enough holographic nail polishes to know which shade would be my favourite though.

    GFC: PassionForPolish
    Shared on Giveaway Page:

  12. GFC: Natasa
    Facebook: Natasa Brigate
    Shared on fb. Link:

    My ideal nail polish is a red with litle sparkles. I still searching for the perfect bottle.

  13. GFC- Kelly
    my favorite idea of nail polish is: a solid one or two coats, bright, sparkly, decent drying time (1-2 minutes) at a good price. Right now the only polish that fits that description is my Spoiled Checkin into Rehab. its not bright but it gets your attention!

  14. GFC Name : Jessica Heasley , Email
    Link To Facebook Share:
    Ideal Polish : Anything Blue, Purple, Silver... Must Have Some Kind Of Sparkle Or Shimmer To It Though, Not A Big Fan Of Cremes, Unless Im Layering.. Glitter And Holographic Polishes Are My Favorites Though, I Dont Care About Colors If Theyre Glittery Or Holographic... I Dont Know That Ive Found My Exact Favorite Polish Yet Though... But I Will Say That This Polish Youve Made Is AMAZING... The Name Is Awesome And I Love The Coloring, Definitely Reminds Me Of The Frosting On Top Of A Pop Tart... I Would Totally Buy This Color If I Could!!

  15. I'm a GFC follower: Meg S - mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com


    Ideal polish: I would love a jelly coral with a little bit of glitz in different shapes.

    And I might take a Pop Tart photo that I'll share later!

  16. I follow on GFC as amy stier.
    I don't have an all time favorite nail polish. I like so many of them and I go through phases, for instance, for the past couple years I preferred mostly cremes but now I am finding myself attracted to anything shimmering...and the more shimmery the better! Glass fleck polishes are a thing of beauty! I've also really been into layering lately. So maybe my current favorite is Butter London Disco Biscuit.
    I shared via twitter:!/Sugario/status/177108174049001472

  17. I haven´t found that perfect one, I still keep searching. :)

    GFC: Nenna

  18. My favourite nail is W7 Spearmint. But it will change ;)

    GFC: xkeylimex
    Like on Facebook as: Kachna P.

  19. Following via GFC as Quite Polished
    Favorite: Matte glitter! I own a matte top coat, I just need more glitter nail polish!

  20. GFC: NatalieK

    twitter shared! (!/NatiKay)

    fav nailpolish?!? wow. i guess one that does not chip a lot. so maybe my favorite polish would be a top coat. in that case maybe barielle uv top coat and seche vite.

    but i love all polishes, as long as they go on in no more than 2 coats :)

  21. GFC Bebe
    Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

    Follow on Facebook Bebe Lee




    My favorite nail polish is the base coat as it protects my nails from turning yellow.

    I love all glitters and shimmering polishes.

  22. GFC follower.


    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  23. GFC prncesssarah02

    What is your idea of your favorite nail polish? Sparkly && pretty!!! Do you own a bottle that has all the qualities that are important to you or are you still searching for that perfect bottle? I love nubar reclaim.. I would love a holo polish that had hex or line glitters added to it I think I would be in love!!


    BTW this polish is gorgeous!!!!

  24. My idea of perfect nail polish? Shiny and bright, long-stay. Every time I buy a bottle I think this is it, and then a see a new nail polish... I'm always searching:)
    GFC: Lulu
    FB: Olesia Flegka

    I reblogged on Tumblr
    and tweeted:!/LuluFleg/status/177308014397767680



  26. What is your idea of your favorite nail polish? Do you own a bottle that has all the qualities that are important to you or are you still searching for that perfect bottle?

    I have my favourite nailpolish - it's dark blue with a little spark :). It's also good quality - it last long.

  27. Shared on facebook
    Karen Scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  28. following on gfc, shared on twitter-!/trinicutiegal/status/177521660231036928


  29. GFC: Cami87


  30. Following on tumblr as SomaSurrender, reblogged on my secondary tubmlr 'DevaZigns':
    with post to Twitter: @dvlbny

    Do you mind if I link back to you on my wordpress? I am writing a post about nail polish bloggers and makeup review sites. Thanks!

    1. That would be perfectly fine! I always appreciate links back!

  31. GFC: Shopping Monster

    I'm still looking for perfect polish :)

  32. This one looks soo amazing *___*

    My perfect nail polish would fit everything, be dry in one second, last long... Oh, it's not possible T_T

    It's me holding a poptart. Ha, ha... Okay, I know, I'm not funny. At all.

  33. GFC follower:Natiiii
    email: balintnati at gmail dot com

  34. following you on tumblr: temerilynmorroethallgatsz

    email: balintnati at gmail dot com

  35. already liked you on FB: Natália Anna B.

    email: balintnati at gmail dot com

  36. My favourite nail polish dries quickly, and is glittery for sure=) my biggest favourites are emerald polishes (glittering garland, emerald sparkle by CG)

    thank you for the chance=)


  37. Enter me please
    I follow you trough GFC Cristina
    And also trough Facebook Cristina Gondos
    My email adress is
    I posted on facebook!/permalink.php?story_fbid=324449697612328&id=100000929955897
    My perfect polish hás to dry quick and last for at least 6 days because I’m a busy person.
    I’m still looking for it.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  38. Following you via GFC: kiss_shani
    To your question: I don't have a favourite but I really feel like getting into nail polishes so I may have to say that I love 'daring' colours like this one!


  39. GFC: Rachael
    Facebook: shared giveaway :)
    email: ohsnapitsrachael at gmail dot com

    My ideal polish is aaaanything with a foil finish :) Loving Color Club Lumin-icecent right now. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  40. gfc:
    sidebar here:

    ideal nailpolish: something neutral and staying intact until I want to remove it. But I think such think it doesn'tr exist...yet :)


  41. GFC : Camelia Andrasescu
    Email :
    Tweeted :!/cameliaadriana/status/181048726742253568
    Posted on my FB wall :
    Ideal nailpolish : Pink,pink,pink and longlasting...

  42. gfc: Stephanie Jones

    My fav is Hot Pink Nail Polishes!

  43. GFC:Anibani
    facebook like:Miki Maki
    facebook share link:

    My ideal nail polish is the one that does not chip easily without base and top coat. The one that dries out really fast and has all in it - perfect color I want at the moment and perfect texture :) I don't think I found the perfect one, but something really near that is China Glaze Ruby Pumps :)

  44. My ideal nail polish would be the perfect texture: not too thick or thin, go on smoothly. It would dry fast and not flake or peel off. I'm still searching for it!

    Facebook: Christy Ann
    Email: z853www at hotmail dot com

  45. followed via GFC - highlyretarded
    my perfect polish will be nude in color with colorful and holographic specks on it! have yet to meet that perfect polish though ):

  46. followed by GFC melsdaisypatch
    I love a polish that drys fast and stays put.

  47. tweeted!/DaisyCrochet/status/182464459317583874

  48. GFC: 11ghieszelle07

    FB post:


    My ideal nail polish is it appears the true with just one coat and it should not stain my nails. I'm still searching for a good nail polish because my nail polish doesn't give me the opaqueness with just one coat because on my nail polishes it takes 2-3 coat to the color to appear.

  49. My perfect polish if i could get it would be a clear base, red and white small hex and thin bars glitter, large and small royal blue hex and small white stars. then when you paint in to it would look like the australian flag! that would be PERFECT!!!

  50. my fav nail polish is the gold one on this link: someone is giving it away and i LOOOOOOOOVE it! soooo pretty but u cant buy it in stores.... :( so thats my fav nail polish! :)

  51. GFC: Ruth

    I tweeted:!/RuthGBCN/status/182963812209659904

    My absolute favorite polish right now is Candy Coated by Pretty & Polished because I love multi-colored glitter in a pastel base. So I would love to win a bottle of Pop Tart because it's right up my alley!! If I could buy this I defitely would!!

  52. GFC: Fabulosity

    alelale at live dot com

  53. GFC: Brooke


    I love all the polishes, but my favorites tend to be blue and sparkly, or with blue sparkles, or just sparkly. :)

  54. I follow you on tumblr as ilencik, I twitted about the giveaway here:!/ilencik1/status/183975932304953344
    name: Elena
    my favorite nail polish would be a VERY FAST DRYING one, with a beautiful tender creamy colour :) I did not find it yet. But the "pop tart" nail polish looks like it could be the one I'm looking for :)

  55. I follow you as Isla / Lisa on GFC.

    For the second entry:
    My favorite polish would have to have purple in it--purple sparkles like I see in Pop Tart! I would love to try this polish over a deeper purple to see if I'd get a pretty lavender with multicolored sprinkles!
    ladyisla (at) gmail (dot com

  56. GFC Nadox
    Email nadoxie(at)gmail(dot)com

    Follow on Facebook as nada andox


    my favorite polish is soft creamy one i like red too =)

  57. I follow you on GFC. My username is Kristen N.

  58. follow on GFC

  59. tweeted!/lmurley2000/status/184300347160936448

  60. i love any nail polish that has sparkles

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. GFC: мιѕѕ.ℓαяα
    Sidebar: (RIGHT SIDEBAR)

    2nd entry: My idea of a perfect polish is one that dries fast! The ones that do dry fast aren't really my favorites. I haven't found one yet anyway. I did my nails this weekend and it took FOREVER to dry. Literally. I sat on the pc for about an hr doing nothing waiting for them to dry just to have them mess up later on because they hadn't dry.

    3rd entry: Pop tart photo.
    My failed attempt at creating a bitten pop tart.

  63. GFC: TaniaVi

    Second entry: Yes, I do own probably three perfect for me polishes. One is Erre Due (a greek brand)-100 (dark fuschia), which is amazing, great color, perfect application (and brush), fast drying, dries really shiny and lasts. These are my nail-polish demands. :)
    Same with two more polishes by China Glaze: For Audrey (although it's a bit too blue for my taste) and Trophy Wife.

  64. Thank you! I say do it, definitely! Flowers are such a common sticker that you should have no problem finding a set that will work for you. Just make sure you don't get gems like I did. ;) I would love to see the finished mani if you decide to do it! It seems like such a cool idea.
    bullet stickers