Monday, March 5, 2012

Lacquer Convention: Red Light District

Today's polish is another great and vibrant shade: Red Light District.

Yep, goes right along with yesterday's polish, Hooker With A Heart Of.  I would blame my BFF, but I honestly would have vetoed her names if I hated them.  I loved them instead!

This polish is one of two that are really hard to photograph, so I'm going to have to do a second set of swatches for the store.  In any case, this is a shimmery red based polish.  The shimmer is golden, so when it catches the light, the little flecks really sparkle and add depth to the color.  It looks very flat here compared to how it looks in person, so I'm definitely doing another round of photos!

The shimmer showed up a little better here, but still not as much as I want it to!

Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow: Streetwalker.


  1. Woa, it's seriously beautiful!

  2. Ahh I love the red and gold combination!! :D

  3. I adore this shade! It has that perfect (for me) mix of red/orange similar the the shade OPI came up with in the original black label Dressed To Empress. I am new to your blog and eager to learn where and if you make your polishes for sale!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the sweet comment! I'm glad to hear that you like this shade =) I'm planning to open my Etsy store and sell the polishes I've been previewing sometime next week. I'll announce the date at least a couple days in advance on this blog and probably everywhere else, like FB and Twitter. I made several bottles for the launch to see how things go (It's my first time trying anything like this first hand!). If anything pertaining to sales changes (like preorders, which I have been asked about), this blog is the place to find out about it!

      Thanks again!