Wednesday, March 7, 2012

China Glaze: More Hunger Games Collection Swatches!

I know you've been getting a flood of swatches from my own franken polish line, but I have also had a little time to go out and find a few more polishes from this collection.  It was honestly one that I was super excited about.  I went to Sally's and found Riveting and Fast Track, but they didn't have Smoke and Ashes, which was what was omitted from my order when it shipped.  By accident, however, I ended up at the mall, debating whether or not to buy it from Hot Topic for a couple extra bucks or if I should go find another Sally's.  Well, since another Sally's is a little out of the way...I bought it.  I don't intend to buy any of the other colors so I think it was all in all a successful haul.

The first one is Riveting, a bright orangey-red with a beautiful shimmer to it.  

I really liked this one in swatches online, though I wasn't crazy about it when I swatched it myself.  It's very pretty, but it's not speaking to me.  It could be because its formula was once again iffy.  I've read quite a few comments talking about how inconsistent the formula in this collection is.  Normally, China Glaze doesn't disappoint me in this area.  However, these polishes vary not only from color to color but bottle to bottle quite a bit.  This one was too runny for me, but not the worst.  These pictures show three coats, which still had a tiny bit of nail line showing.

Maybe I will warm up to it one day and wear it, because it is pretty.  Just not spectacular.  

Smokes And Ashes is another source of disappointment for me.  It's a black base with green-blue shimmer.  My camera definitely made it appear less interesting than it already is.  I mean, yes, it's pretty and a nice polish, but it still isn't speaking to me!

And this is the one that I looked for first and was sorely disappointed by not getting in my original order.  I'm just not feeling it on.  It had a far superior formula to the others, save Stone Cold.  These pictures show two coats, though it could have been a one coater.  It might be a fault of mine right now, that I don't feel like these colors.  I want to wear lighter and girlier things lately...

I will need to revisit Smoke and Ashes when I am in more of a mood for black.

I ended up wearing this last polish, Fast Track, as my full mani...and I am about to take it off again.  Ugh, more disappointment here.  This is a polish that I accidentally fell in love with, but unfortunately it doesn't love me back.  It won't dry.  After top coat and five hours, it is still squishy and dent-able, which I don't get with Orly Sec 'n Dry.  Insert biggest frowny face you can imagine here.

I really think Fast Track is beautiful, which is high praise from a girl who isn't all about neutrals.  Like I said, I have been feeling girlier lately and I actually wanted something more subtle that still had a little kick to it.  That's how I fell for this little liar.  Dry, darn you!  Why won't you dry!?

These pictures show three coats with top coat, but it was almost as shiny without it.  The formula frankly sucked, but I put up with it, only to be disappointed.  I wish I could love you, Fast Track, the way other people love you, but you and I aren't working out.  

So there you have it for my Hunger Games reviews.  I wish this second post wasn't full of disappointment, but I'm significantly less thrilled with them.  

I'm reswatching my last polish from Lacquer Convention to show you.  I looked back at the photos I had and they're pretty horrid, so it will be up later today on the blog  =)

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  1. Thanks for your honesty on these. I don't get a lot of the hype on blogs about Smoke & Ashes. I just see it as one more that is so dark I cannot see the goods inside it but in rare lighting and then it's only me that notices. I do like Fast Track mostly because like you, I am into this phase of lighter shades right now on my fingers (not on my toes yet - they are into brights right now). My bottle of Fast Track covers pretty well - better than I would have expected. I adore the shade for Riveting and it was the one I was most excited to get. (I only borrowed Smoke and A did not buy it)...Riveting is a bit watery so I have to go slow and let the layers dry so I don't get pooling which is not like me - I am always in a hurry and don't like to wait. BTW, I don't have a drying problem with Fast Track - so there certainly is either some atmospheric differences or different 'crops' of product out there in retail. I also got Argo and will be donating it ASAP. It's not inspiring at all...kind of a flat version of the wonderful CG Glittering Garland from last holiday '11 which I like and will wear outside of holiday time. Riveting for me is the winner color wise. I adore red/orange (orange/reds)...this one reminds me a tish of a blend of Zoya Kimmy which I love - and an old OPI now disc. called Dressed To Empress which was for years my go to red/orange. Riveting has a more modern look with it's fleck in it and not the gold 'leafing' look that all the Zoya Sunshine collection (summer '11) have to them. Lux & Lush could have been done better too if they had used a much lighter weight Mylar. Then they would have had no 'bump/lump' to it - it would have laid flat and given a totally smooth feel when on. Lux & Lush is fun - but not unique - don't ya think it's a bit like Sally Hanson Glass Slipper? Sad over this collection. But I did not expect it to be great color wise when I saw the graphic representations released. It maybe fits the movie but not the time of year for polish release - something for companies to think about when they do these movie tie ins. We need another collection FAST from CG is my opinion.

    1. I do try to be honest about the polish I purchase! Nail polish is a very subjective product and, like you mentioned, acts differently depending on the bottle. I did find out by accident that Smoke and Ashes has a huge settling problem. I was browsing MUA boards and saw someone talk about it, so I turned my bottle upside overnight and the next day I used it as a base for a swatch. Before I added the top coat, it did look A LOT better, way more shimmer. I still don't want to wear it lately because...well, my lighter color mood, but it did make a huge difference. I also agree that Lush & Luxe is pretty but not unique. The flakes look like some franken flakes that I have, like almost dead on!

      CG definitely needs another collection...and they are releasing the Prismatics, but those don't wow me, graphic representations or swatches! Maybe the Safari collection will be more inspired...

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    1. It does look beautiful! I wish I didn't have drying issues with it =(