Friday, March 30, 2012

Julep April Maven Box: IT Girl

I've been getting a little behind on my posts lately.  I have a bunch of photos that are sitting around, waiting to be edited, so it seems weird that I'm going to bump this brand new review to the front of the queue... But for the first time, I was really excited and  didn't end up with any complaints about my Maven box.  Last month, I was super excited, but Sofia betrayed me.  This month, I stuck with my usual box, the It Girl.

I sat down with my Maven Box last night and was going to swatch them, then do a mani with something else, but the thought occurred to me that if I swatched these colors, I probably wouldn't wear them for a while.  And I haven't done a lot of nail art because of how busy my schedule is lately, so I went browsing through things I saved for inspiration.  I first saw this pattern on Spektor's Nails and checked out the Youtube video by IndigoNova1.  It turned out to be an awesome way to showcase these colors.

I wasn't even sure I wanted the It Girl box this month because I actually have been secretly loving their care products.  I am addicted to my Argan Oil and their handcream from my St. Patty's Mystery box has been in my purse since I got it.  I really wanted to try "The Best Pedi Creme Ever" but none of the other boxes really spoke to me.  Fortunately, after I committed to being an It Girl, they had a promo to add on up to two more products from this month's box for $4.99.  Can you say perfect?

In person, I really love Niecy (bright pink), Jessica (pale blue), and even Penelope (pale pink).  The best part?  Best Julep formulas to date.  I'm most happy with Penelope, which was my base on everything except my ring finger, which I wanted to be an accent nail, but it's kind of too chaotic for that...  In any case, it went on in three nice, creamy coats.  I used Jessica as a base on my ring fingers and it was opaque enough to be a one coater, but to level it completely because I was being sloppy, I added a second coat.  Niecy is very opaque as well and I'm going to do a pedicure with her later today!

In any case, this is the best Julep box I've gotten.  I love the colors, especially together, and they actually really inspired me.

If you like this mani enough, come vote for it on the Julep monthly contest on the FB machine!

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  1. Such a cute design the colors are great!!

  2. those are very pretty! I'm usually unimpressed with Julep polishes but those 3 are delightful!

    1. Thanks! I started the Maven program in January and this is the first box I actually love. It's kind of hit and miss, but that's what skipping the month is for! >>