Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lacquer Convention: Glitter Top Coat Swatches

 Hello there everyone!  It's been about a week since I've felt like sitting down and putting anything together, but I've been looking around and trying to help solve the nail lacquer base shortage problem for myself and other frankeners.  There's still work to be done, but I received my last order from TKB Trading on Friday and I could finish stocking up for my Etsy shop.  It isn't open today, but I'm going to open it this Wednesday, March 21st.  This won't change again!  I apologize again for not opening last week when I intended to.  A few people took me up on email orders in the last week, but they're now closed.  Thanks to everyone who's been kind and supportive since last Monday!  I appreciate it all!

Today, I wanted to show you some of my glitter top coats, which will be available in the store on Wednesday.  I'll be doing swatches on my own nails for the shop, but for now I have nail wheels.  Each shade has been applied in one coat over black, white and mint green with no top coat.

This is Cocktail Hour, a mix of black, white, burgundy and holographic gold hexagons in a clear base.

This is Cute & Fun To Be With, a mix of multi-sized green, gold, pink, purple, periwinkle blue and holographic silver glitters.


This is Pub Night, a mix of pale green and gunmetal hexagons swimming in a sea of smaller navy, silver and pale green glitter.

The last one for today is Sour Patch Kids, a mix of red, orange, yellow and green hexagons with smaller white glitter.  It's named after the sour gummy candy that happens to be my BFF's favorite type of candy.  I mixed this color for her =)

Tomorrow, I'll have swatches of three more glitter top coats, Showgirl, Not On The Lips, and Sparkle Berry Cobbler.  Also, I'll have a real post again with some nail art.  My husband has been getting sucked into the new My Little Pony cartoon (His friends are all huge bronies and he's the last one to be infected) and I'm thinking some MLP nail art is in order tonight!

Thanks for reading!

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