Monday, March 12, 2012

All My Best Laid Plans...

I'm just going to get the news out of the way and explain after: I will not be opening my Etsy store this week.  Any plans for that are on indefinite hold, but I'm not hopeful for it in the least.

If you're a frankener yourself or you've ever been interested in it as a hobby, you probably have heard of TKB Trading and their magical suspension bases.  They're pretty much the main ingredient in all my frankens because I'm not a chemist and I don't cook it up myself.

The bases used to be sold in pints, which I ordered to get started and received half of what I intended to have to fill any orders on Wednesday.  TKB recently announced, however, that they are no longer selling their bases in bulk publicly because the demand from their private customers is too great to supply everyone.  I emailed them about my second order, which hasn't been filled, asking whether it would be filled or if it would be cancelled.  They responded promptly, saying that they would fill it, but eventually.  I'm taking some time to decide whether I just want to wait, however long it takes, since it is likely the last base I can get my hands on, or whether I want to cancel it because I'm so disappointed.

So where, exactly does this leave everything?

First of all, I am so sorry for making promises to anyone.  I'm ultimately responsible for how I chose to handle things and to say that I would be selling my products when this sort of thing could happen.  In my head, this was one of the reasons why I shouldn't have tried to start this business.  When I was debating turning my hobby into a business, I asked myself: "What if your suppliers discontinue a product?  You'll be limited by them."  So I apologize to anyone who might have been interested in my polishes.

Secondly, I do have premixed bottles of polish in anything from 4-8 bottles of any given shade that I've showed you that I would like to move, to get them out of my hands.  I would like to sell them and try to recoup some of my investment, because as it is, I'm in the hole with my husband now, not that he is at all worried about that.  It's more something that I'm worried about and I may be finally having a blog sale soon from my stash as well.

Pop Tart, Galinda and Elphaba do not have final swatches done and posted.  That was originally what today's post was going to be about, so after this, I am going to force myself to go edit those pictures.  There were a few minor tweaks to the glitter blends in each shade, but essentially the colors in each are the same.

Here are the final swatches.

If you wanted to buy a bottle of any of my opening shades, please send me an email at with the shades you wish to purchase.  I'll fill any orders I can until Friday, March 16th, when I will ship them all out.  If I run out, I'll post again and let everyone know.

Bottles will be $6.50 with shipping at $3 for the first and $1 for each additional bottle.  Please include your Paypal email, as it is the only way I will accept payment.  I'm still only shipping to the US for now.

Thirdly, aside from trying to figure all this out, I'm going to take a break from my other nail blogging.  I need some time to myself to figure things out and I feel like all my energy and excitement has been stripped away by this stupid mistake.

Thank you for reading and hopefully understanding.


  1. What a bummer..but I sent you an email. :)

  2. oh honey what a shame. Feel for you x

  3. That is really a shame. I hope you find the supplies you need elsewhere soon and at a decent cost. Any chance that you can get with others who make frankens and ask them where they get this and that? You might gleen some resources that way. Not sure if there is a FB group for Frankens - but worth a try.

    1. I started following a FB page that has info on the bases. I spent a week searching for options and I'm getting to know some helpful people and gaining a better understanding of this little niche business. Also, I actually got my backordered base, even after being told in an email to expect the stock issue to affect it/I should cancel it. In the meantime, I'm okay to open this week and sell what's on hand while I wait for any new info from some of the other frankeners! Thanks for your suggestions though, I appreciate it =)