Monday, June 4, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection: Hoof Wrassle

Hey everyone!  It's been a while since I've had a blog post for you guys!  Life has been quite busy here, but I miss blogging everyday, so I'm promising myself that I'm going to keep up better with the blog again!  Today, I got an AWESOME package in the mail, filled with absolutely gorgeous polishes.  Let's take a look at these, shall we?

First of all, ADORABLE packaging.  I love polishes that come in boxes like these!  I have been anxiously waiting for this collection since I first saw the previews on Facebook.  I IMMEDIATELY pre-ordered it, even though I was (and now still am!) on a low-buy.  It's impossible for me to go on a complete no-buy lately, so I've cut out a lot of the casual, "Oh shiny!" buying that starts to add up when I randomly am out shopping for things besides polish!  In any case, I would have broken a complete no-buy for these babies.  

Left to Right: A Little Kindness - 20% Cooler - Hoof Wrassle

Left to Right: Pinkie Promise - The Worst Possible Thing - The Element of Magic

??  -  ??

And these are the two secret polishes that I got for pre-ordering the whole collection!  I'm not going to show them to you today, because Rainbow Honey is in the process of revealing them herself and I don't want to completely ruin her fun!  This is essentially me teasing you all, sorry!

Today, I will show you Hoof Wrassle though.  It was almost impossible to pick which color to try first.  I swatched them all first on my swatch sticks and instead of making the decision easier, it made it worse!  So I mixed them all around, closed my eyes and randomly picked one.  It worked out =)

As a side note, it was really hard to capture the color accurately of this polish.  My fingers look all sorts of weird colors here!  I didn't layer it this time because it looked like two coats would get me a completely opaque look, which it did, but it looks a lot less bright like this in real life.  It photographed very vibrant and bright, so I toned it down in PS in all but the last picture.  I think layering it over a bright orange or a yellow would get the brighter color.

These photos show two coats with one of top coat.  It's still a little textured, so I will slap another layer on later.  The formula on this one was great!  It applied smoothly and the glitter was really easy to work with, no fishing or re-positioning!

 One of the reasons I was so excited about this collection is that I'm a big My Little Pony fan.  I love Friendship is Magic--and so does my husband!  Yep, I'm married to a brony.  His BFFs are the ones who converted him though, so they are ALL bronies and have their favorite ponies.  One of them loves Applejack, so I sent him a picture and he lamented that there were no apples!  Picky, picky--though apple shaped glitter polish, can you imagine?  I added some apples for him anyway.

This is how bright the polish photographs and looks in the bottle.  I do like it better this way, so next time I'll definitely layer it to try to get a more brilliant look!

So now comes the hard question: Which one should I wear next??


  1. So pretty, my vote is for Pinky Promise

    1. Oh no, I'm saving that to wear over the weekend because she is my faaaaaavorite pony! I know I won't want to take it off!

  2. So jealous!! I am on a no-buy and lusting after this collection so hard it hurts! Gorgeous swatches (and apples). I'd love to see A Little Kindness or The Worst Possible Thing next ^_^

    1. I'm going to be no help whatsoever then because I just LOVE it!

  3. OMG i literally cannot WAIT til mine get here xxx

    1. They're all so amazing, this is one of my favorite collections EVER.