Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise

Hi guys!  It's been a while since I've done a pink Wednesday mani post on the blog, so it worked out perfectly that I still needed to show you my Pinkie Promise pictures!

This is my favorite polish from the Rainbow Honey Equestria collection, partially because it is inspired by my favorite pony ever, Pinkie Pie!

While I was snapping pictures, my hubby handed me the souvenir he picked up from a Vegas road trip with his dad a couple weeks ago.  I took a couple pictures with it to show you just what a girl I am.  I love pink!  And Hello Kitty... and My Little Pony and pretty things... My husband always tells me, "You're such a girl."  I don't mind.  I like what I like!

However, I am actually shy of pink nail polish unless it is a more bold, bright or neon color.  And even then, I have trouble liking a lot of shades on me.  I think it's my color weakness, I don't love just any pink on my nails!

Pinkie Promise, however, is a definite winner though.  For these photos, I used three thin coats with no underwear.  There is a tad of visible nail line in the photos, but it didn't show up in real life.  It had great coverage and the formula was even and easy to work with.  I really enjoyed it this way, but I am dying to wear it over a bright and fun pink some time!  Or a gradient from the cuticle! (But I PROMISED that I wouldn't do that with the rest of these pony polishes, lol!)

This time, I just have to link you to a quick Pinkie Pie video so that you can see her and why this is the perfect Pinkie polish.

I just love how sparkly and fun this is.  It's a party in a bottle!  The golden shimmer really kicks it up a lot.

Rainbow Honey is working hard at finishing shipping pre-orders of this collection, so be sure to catch up with any news at or on the Facebook machine to see when the store will be open!

We're almost to the end of the Equestria collection, but I have the two secret polishes to show you still, Celestia and Mare Of the Moon!  They're coming up tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


  1. love this. can't wait to get my equestrias!

  2. Oh my lord! I ordered the smaller size because I'm never sure how stuff is going to turn out when I find it online. I may need to go back and order the large size, that is just stunning and ideal for Pinkie Pie. Thank you for the review.