Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Illamasqua Faithful

Hey everyone!  Today I have a quick and fun mani featuring Illamasqua's Faithful from their Naked Strangers collection.  It's one of three nail lacquers in this collection and the last of my first Illamasqua haul.  After trying them?  I. Want. More.  I absolutely loved them.  I am really lemming the other two colors from this collection, but I'm trying to be good!  Let's take a look at Faithful now so I don't go shop!

I decided to wear this with some glitter because I was super excited that my test bottle of brown glitters was doing well after a couple weeks.  I crammed some in a little suspension base and had this.

Here's Faithful on its own.  This polish is a beautiful dark copper shimmer that looks very warm and creamy. It only took two very even and easy coats to become opaque.  The formula was just excellent.  I love this color against my skin tone too.

Guh, okay, I may have to go shopping anyway!

I debated adding bar glitter to the bottle, but decided to try it without it first.  I've been having a love/hate relationship with bar glitter lately.  I like the way it looks, but getting it to lay perfectly flat?  Impossible!  A corner will poke up and no amount of top coat will hold it down!  So I didn't add bar glitter to this until after I tried it.

It's a nice rich color of brown glitter and I think it complements Faithful well.  It looks dark most of the time but then it will flash a golden orange.  It's super pretty!

I've been pretty busy packing up to move to California for the rest of the summer, but I've got a couple more posts before I go!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow love this color AND the glitters on it.

  2. Now this is a copper I could wear and love - unlike the new copper out now from Essie's Metallic Metals collection which is really frost and too much like the color of a USA penny - this is much softer and more wearable. Also it won't go the way of so many of the once were trendy brown nail polishes - this one is kind of like the mauve standard in the copper range. It scores in my book. I am just going to get released from a hospital way out of my home area (in CA BTW)...and going to stay for a couple days over in a motel. There is a Sephora close by and am putting this on my list to try and get it there. I have 2 polishes from this brand and both are just outstanding color wise and formula wise. I too am in love. Good luck with your last of the packing and BEST to you settling into my wonderful state of Calif!!! I am a gal who is lucky as can be, living on the northern central coast of CA. Hopefully you are going to end up in a great place in this state you fall in love with too! Be sure to put my neck of the state on your travel plans - it's gorgeous.

    1. I like this with the glitter you chose and I am not a biggie glitter fan right now..but I like a light 'misting' of one now and then that lets me see the base shade really well still. and like you, I have a sweet spot for a little bar glitter in the mix! Curious what brand/name glitter used here? I am going to re-read to see if you mentioned it and I missed it.