Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rainbow Honey: Mare Of The Moon

Hi everyone!  I know I mentioned getting to the Rainbow Honey mystery polishes from the Equestria collection today, so you're getting another post!  Let's take a look at Mare of the Moon!

Mare of the Moon is a gorgeous blurple shimmer accented with holographic glitter, the most interesting and unique shape being a crescent moon!  It is inspired by Princess Luna, after all!

This polish wanted to photograph very, very purple compared to how it looked on my nails.  I actually wore it to go see Moonrise Kingdom and was staring adoringly at it in the car for a long time.  I think my very blue experience was due to living in a place without sunlight because the purple came out fine under my lamp!

These pictures show two even coats with one coat of top coat, which was enough to smooth it to the touch!  The formula was once again great with no glitter fishing.  I did kind of feel that the moons from my first coat were getting covered up, so next time (when I wear this in a place with sun!) I will probably try not to place them until the second coat!

Rainbow Honey is working hard at finishing shipping pre-orders of this collection, so be sure to catch up with any news at or on the Facebook machine to see when the store will be open!

Thanks for reading!

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