Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Favorite Polishes: Sally Hansen Red Zin

Hi again, guys!  Yesterday, I was putting together preview swatches for a Laquer Convention collection and looking at what I chose to swatch colors over when I decided that I wanted to do a series on my top polish picks.  It's kind of funny, I usually get so swept up in doing manicures with new polishes that I haven't featured a lot of these on the blog.  A lot of them are also actually pretty plain or more accurately, what I consider essential collection colors.

This series is also going to be very helpful because I have a big chore coming up: My husband's job sometimes requires that he travel and soon we are heading to California until next year!  It's a long trip this time, but I'm definitely looking forward to it because it's where my friends and family all live.  I love being close to them again, but this year I have a, uh, problem.  Traveling with my entire stash isn't possible!  I have a large OPI travel case that I am going to completely fill with just polish, but I have to narrow it down to what really must come with me!

It's so hard!  Hopefully, going through my favorites will help me decide what to bring!

For this post, I'm starting with one of my early polishes, Sally Hansen's Red Zin from the Complete Salon Manicure line.  Red isn't something that I wear very often, even though I do have have a helmer drawer full of it... I even have a couple dupes for this particular red, because it's my favorite shade of it.  I have tried to love bright red, but it just doesn't do it for me the way that a deeper, vampy red does.

Another thing that I love about Red Zin is the formula and brush combo.  I didn't snap a picture of the brush for you unfortunately, but it is a wide, flat brush with curved sides.  It isn't for everyone, but it is for me!  It's a high quality version of this shape too and the polish applies perfectly smooth with it.  I can generally paint my nails in two swipes with it (one careful swipe on my pinky!) and get a pretty clean, rounded edge.

This color also wears spectacularly on me.  The Complete Salon Manicure commercials always claim that these polishes can be worn on their own, without base or top coat, but I have never tried it.  Instead, I top it with SV.  These pictures are pre-top coat because I was layering glitter over this.  It took me two coats to get this look.

And like I mentioned, I do have a few dupes or very near dupes of this shade, so it's not super special, but it is nonetheless my favorite shade of red.  It's fairly easy to find something similar.  I love it because on the off chance I do want to wear red, I have my perfect color.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks gorgeous on you! I prefer vampy reds over bright reds too :)

  2. I loooove this red. Just got it at CVS for 50% off! woohoo. Its my favorite kinda red too. Perfect for this time of year. Gorgeous, vampy, bloody red. Very rich in color. I wish I could paint my nails as perfectly as you do! beautiful!!