Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection: 20% Cooler

Hi everyone!  I'm going to try to power through a few posts today because I have a lot planned and I want to just show you everything.  Let's get a move on it!  It's almost lunch time and I'm hungry!

Continuing on with swatches from the Equestria Collection, today I have 20% Cooler to show you, a really striking rainbow glitter polish with a beautiful blue shimmer!

When I ordered the collection, I did debate whether or not I should order everything.  Low-buy and all, I was thinking about being practical... (This is where you laugh at me for being practical!)  But I wasn't.  I ordered everything.  And I am very glad I did because hello, mystery polishes, aren't you gorgeous today?  But in any case, I wasn't going to order 20% Cooler if I was going to skip on anything (Hoof Wrassle was the other one I also considered skipping but I am so so glad I didn't!).  It's a rainbow hex glitter, which is a fairly common type of polish, but it's a rainbow hex glitter that is right up my alley.

What do I love about it?  Density and vibrancy!  This polish is packed with glitter, which I appreciate because I like to do thin coats but not feel like I hardly got any glitter on my nail.  Alternately, I could probably build this baby up quickly if I wanted a very dense look on my nail.  These photos show one coat over two different blues, because I wanted to be all Rainbow Dash-y.  I was taking the photos with this light blue when I literally smudged every nail on the side of my light box!  I had to repaint and try again!  The light blue is Julep's Jessica, a creme with no shimmer itself, which made it easy to see the shimmer that's in 20% Cooler!

And just look how bright this assortment is!  I just adore that.  Brilliant rainbow glitter is always exciting.  I'm drawn to bold colors!

Here's the second set of pictures, one coat of 20% Cooler over Zoya Jo.  It's such a fun polish, I really dig it!  It's probably going to replace my other rainbow glitter that I always grab, Rainbow Connection, in my special travel case, ha ha.  

Thanks for reading everyone!