Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection: The Worst Possible Thing

Hey there everyone!  I had so much I wanted to get through today and most of it got interrupted!  I have been trying to shoot pictures for this post for hours.  I would get a phone call!  Or a text!  And my camera flat out refused to focus properly on the glitter.  I finally got some shots that I have deemed acceptable, so let's get to it before I get another call!

Today's My Little Pony polish is The Worst Possible Thing, inspired by Rarity herself.  She is my second favorite pony, probably because she likes pretty, shiny things and well, my biggest obsession is with pretty, shiny polish!  This polish?  Fits the bill EXACTLY.

Let's take a quick peek at what I layered it over, Illamasqua's Baptiste.  I took way too long to acquire this polish.  I must have looked at pictures of this a thousand times, but I always hesitated.  I always told myself, next month, next time!  It helped that I don't live near a Sephora and the nearest ones didn't actually carry Illamasqua polish.  I was able to delude myself into thinking I was okay without it... but I was wrong.  I needed Baptiste. It's so striking and gorgeous!  I could stare at it all day.  Not kidding!  I love this photo because I could capture the red in it.  Light reflects so beautifully off of it.  It's love.  No question!

Baptiste came in the mail today, a day earlier than UPS said they were bringing it to me, and I knew when I first laid eyes on it that it would look fabulous with The Worst Possible Thing.  This gorgeous, iridescent polish is a mix of glitter and flakies that constantly shift and sparkle in the light.  It looks like jewelry, but to me, better than jewelry!

I couldn't stand covering up Baptiste completely, so I opted for a bit of a gradient at the cuticle with an accent nail.  On my ring finger, that's one coat of The Worst Possible Thing.  It's very nicely dense and easy to work with, like Hoof Wrassle was.

I mentioned it in a comment, but every time I put on a polish from this collection, it gets further cemented: this is my favorite full collection ever.  And you know, even if I am biased because I love My Little Pony, they are fabulous polishes.  I think what works so well with this collection is that they really are varied in color but call back to each other.  It's such a sweet quality that is all found in the ponies they're inspired by!  Aside from being shiny and pretty, they have an amazing variety with cohesion!

Have you had enough gushing?  Because this is only my second post on this collection and I can promise it's going to continue!

Rainbow Honey's shop can be found here on Etsy.  In addition, you can also check out this brand on Facebook and at Rainbowhoney.com!


  1. I have been telling everyone that if they're buying me presents I want this entire collection lol. This looks so amazing, I love when glitters are dense enough for one coat!