Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection: A Little Kindness

Hi everyone!  I've been completely swamped with things since Saturday, but I'm determined to finish showing you this Rainbow Honey collection this week!  On Friday I've got a wedding rehearsal and Saturday is the wedding itself of two good friends of mine.  I'll be showing you my manicures for both days soon!  In the meantime, let's take a peak at A Little Kindness.

For this mani, I decided to layer A Little Kindness over Zoya Skylar.  This polish is inspired by Fluttershy, who happens to be my husband's favorite pony ever.  I mean, he's totally wrong, Pinkie Pie is cooler, but Fluttershy is adorable too.  In any case, this polish is also my second favorite in the collection, right after Pinkie Promise, which I am so wearing tonight when I get home!

These photos show one coat of A Little Kindness.  In other swatches, I've seen several coats look pretty opaque on its own, but I really wanted to see the pink shimmer in the base contrast with something underneath it.  I think Skylar ended up being a little pale though because while the gold and pink hexes stand out, the very soft white ones don't.  You can kind of see them here and there though.

All in all, this is some seriously beautiful glitter.  It's got a real depth to it that I love with the assortment of shades in it.  The formula is awesome to work with yet again, easy to get a good helping of glitter on each nail!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great job getting that pink/purple/fuchsia shimmer to show up! It makes this polish SO incredibly gorgeous and unique- and yet seriously painfully hard to photograph. Well done and beautiful!

  2. Mmm I wish I could get these so darn pretty!