Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something Quick and Vampy

Hey everyone!  I've finished bottling for my sale tomorrow, but whenever I'm mixing polish, I absolutely never miss the chance ruin whatever mani I am wearing.  I always get something--a splash, a drop, a few flecks of glitter--on a few of my nails.  I guess I'm just messy like that.  For that reason, I've just been wearing some plain (though never boring!) colors, which I have splattered on for the last few days, but today I only had a few bottles to finish and I managed to not get anything on my mani!  It's really exciting, because now I have something aside from Lacquer Convention swatches to show you =)

Last night, I asked both the BFF and my hubby to choose between an eye-searing hot pink mani and a dark, vampy red one, and neither of them were at all helpful or committal, so I had to choose myself!  Can you believe it?  I eventually went with vampy, so I decided to put on Sinful Colors Rich in Heart, because I seem to have misplaced my OPI Midnight in Moscow and didn't want to go digging.  Well, because I figured I'd be spilling on it, I didn't bother to wrap my tips and SV shrank it to death...

...but what should show up in the mail today but my bottle of OPI's Number One Nemesis!  It's the only thing from the Spiderman Collection that I want.  Well, the only thing I can really justify wanting, because I want the white...and maybe the blue, but after doing swatch sticks last week, I just can't justify buying them. I'm trying to stay on a low-buy until July (when I go to LA!) so I can go shooooooppppping!

In any case, I decided it would be the perfect thing to cover up the awful shrinkage after I totally didn't spill anything on my mani today.  I love this shade, which is supposedly a pretty decent Chanel Graphite dupe.  I don't have the Chanel to compare...yet.  (Lowbuylowbuylowbuy!!!)  It's one of those polishes that I secretly want, but talk myself out of splurging on every time because, well, I do try to control my spending...

But gosh, I did want it ever so badly until I got my grabby little hands on this.  It sates my appetite for now!

I free-handed the tips with the normal brush, because I was too lazy to find some tape tonight, but I think my hand was pretty steady this time!

Thanks for reading!  Until next time!