Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nude Polka Dots!

Hi there!  I hope you're not tired of polka dots, because that's kind of becoming this week's theme.  Today, I decided to revisit Cruisin' Nude because I've had this manicure stuck in my head like a song on repeat.

I know, it's kind of a comparison stretch, but I've wanted to make it happen ever since my BFF suggested it to me.

She described it as wrapping paper, which I definitely agree it looks like.  It's a great way for me to do a nude tone without getting bored!

I used American Apparel's Bronze Dash for the dots.  It looked perfect to me when I was looking at the bottle, but I think it looks a little dark in macro shots.  In person, I liked it a lot, but if I ever do a nude-wrapping paper-esque mani again, I think I might reach for a lighter metallic, like a rose gold.

Here's a picture with my camera's flash so you can finally see the reddish shimmer in Cruisin' Nude.  It's my favorite part and is so hard to catch on camera.  Granted, it is very subtle, but it's what sparked my fascination with Crusin' Nude when I normally shun nude polishes.

This is the end of the polka dots though!  Over the next few days I'm going to start painting my helmer.  It's a project I started when my hubby was working overtime, then let slide when he went back to normal hours for a week.  Now that he's back to long hours and sleeping during the day, I'm going to get it finished and do the nail art series with it that I had planned!  Here's a little teaser: Hello Kitty + Fairy Tales.  Can you dig it?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cruisin' nude is a really nice polish. The colour is perfect. This is probably my favourite cult polish

  2. These are the prettiest polka's I've seen in a while! So nice and sweet.

  3. I love polka dots and I love this mani!!

  4. You created a beautiful "wrapping paper"! Beautiful manicure!