Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hi there!  Today I've got another cute and quick manicure that just uses the dotting tool!  I picked up a new tiny brush yesterday, but I'm kind of addicted to dots now.  I've got a couple more to show you after this one.

I was in the mood for some green, but I couldn't decide what shade...so I did a little bit of an ombre.  From index to pinky, the shades are Zoya Shawn, Pure Ice Free Spirit, Revlon Garden, and Zoya Pippa.  Then I did some large white polka dots with smaller green (and yellow) dots in the middle.  It kind of reminds me of cartoon dinosaurs, though the yellow on top of white reminds me of fried eggs...

Just something simple and fun today.  I'm going to swatch my Julep Maven box in a couple hours for you, so check back!  Thanks for reading!