Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homage Month: Nailside Clouds

Hi there!

Today I'm going to start off showing you my first Homage Month manicure, but first, I just want to gab a little bit about nail art.  The biggest reason why I started blogging was a desire to showcase my nail art.  I love having pretty, polished nails and sometimes I do want a simple look, but most of the time, I love having art on my fingertips.

Before I started blogging though, I read blogs.  I started off reading two that my friend recommended, Nailside and Chalkboard Nails, and quickly became addicted.  My feed reader now tracks many, many more, but I have to start off Homage Month with my tributes to these two fantastic nail artists.

This design comes from Nailside and she's even done a handy dandy tutorial on it to make it super easy to replicate!

I actually had to do this manicure twice.  The first time, I used a springy bright green, a light baby blue and a peachy orange, but when I top coated, the top coat I was testing bubbled like crazy all over!  Suffice to say, it has to go!  In any case, I was a little sad, so I decided to change my colors when I redid it.  This gray version features China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, American Apparel Mouse, and OPI Stranger Tides.  

I didn't get to take pictures right away because it was super late when I finished it, so it's a little scratched up from the continued spring cleaning going on this week.  I won't make you suffer through a bunch of photos =P  I grabbed my SV for this as well, without really thinking, and I got a ton of shrinkage.  I did actually have to go back and fix my accent nail at the tip because it showed really badly in photos, so I apologize for that too!

 Thanks for reading!


  1. Really like it lots - but I think I would like it more flipped so all the nails were done like the accent nail - then do the accent nail in the flipped color 'way' like the other 4 nails on each hand are done. Just my read/personal preference - maybe it's spring fever!