Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homeage Month: Eyeballs from Chalkboard Nails!

Hey there!  Today I'm showing you another homage month manicure from Chalkboard Nails.  Like I said yesterday, Chalkboard Nails is one of the first two nail blogs I started following and this is actually a Halloweenish manicure.  Another great perk?  There's a tutorial for this one too!

Eyeballs!  This actually took a bit longer to do than I expected, but I'm happy with how it turned out.  I'm not happy with how hard this was to photograph!  Between the lighting and the focus not cooperating, I shot these pictures three times and there still weren't that many decent shots.  Sorry guys =(

The reason why I chose this one while I was looking for something to pay homage to was actually because of My Little Pony.  My hubby and I were watching this episode and well, poor Fluttershy is now being watched by my nails too!

I wanted to quickly show you the base color for this, so please excuse the messy paint job!  It's an old bottle of polish from Avon that I had in high school, which probably makes it around eight years old... The last time I was interested in nail polish was pre-sixteen.  In any case, it's called Decadence and it doesn't have its ingredients list anymore, but it smells like it is not B3F, but Avon does have this shade currently available in a mini for $1.99.  They also have a free shipping for orders over $10 right now, I believe.

Decadence is one of my faaaavorite bottles.  If I ever see a full sized new version, I'm going to order it as a back up.  I haven't thinned this bottle, just remixed it because there was some settling, and it has a great formula.  The problem?  I must have been rough on this brush as a fifteen year old... I might try to find a replacement or decant it into another bottle...

In any case, on top of Decadence, I followed Sarah's tutorial to the letter and voila!  I did have to mix my own red jelly for this and now I'm completely obsessed with turning every color I own into a jelly with some clear polish!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is really cool. Love the use of the old-school Avon. Great color.

  2. You did am amazing job! 8 yrs old is nothing. While I did purge anything that was not top tier labels or colors from OPI I thought I would never wear again (silly me - now many are priceless). But now I have a database and tracked back the names of collections/dates released, found I have some of the original 1989 OPI's! And they are not dried up. In all my going through for the database, only found one pretty thick and I added a ton of thinner - it came right back! The old sheers from the 90's however did not hold well - they separated and take a ton of rolling to get them to hang together now.