Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nail Art: Birds On A Wire

Hi there!  Today I've got some exciting news (and nail art)!  Well, exciting for me. I've found the solution to my white nail polish problems!  Let's talk white polish for a minute!

If you haven't heard me talk about it before, let me start by telling you how much I hate white nail polish.  I use it a lot, ALL the time, because a lot of nail art I like to try starts with a stark white canvas.  However, application is awful, and if you've used it you probably know what I mean: thick, goopy, streaky, messy.  It usually resists thinner for me, so I have ended up over thinning several bottles even carefully adding drop by drop.  I have the worst relationship with white nail polish.

But after much experimenting, I found something that actually worked: Butter London's Nail Foundation.  I bought this in a sale on a whim and hadn't tried it for a while.  I tried a couple ridge fillers and wasn't impressed.  I even tried a matte top coat as a base and it showed some potential.  Then someone recommended Aqua Base, like what you want to use for finicky holos, and I was about to cave in and buy it when I pulled out BL.  It worked!  Finally!  I got my clean canvas!

So I used it to do some birds on a wire, inspired by these.  As a side note, I seriously dig those shoes.  If there's anything I like as much as nail polish, it's shoes!  I decided that I'd give the idea a try and I love how they turned out.  

Here's the other hand, the very rare and elusive right hand!  It looks like it needs some cuticle TLC, so I hope you'll excuse me.  The thing I'm most proud of is that I did this all with a rather long striping brush because my last itty bitty fine brush died a sad death when I started this.  It's about time I get another one!

I hope you like my birds!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Yours birds look awesome! And thanks for the white polish tips. I'll have to try that sometime ;)

  2. Amazing! And the inspiration shoes are so interesting! :-)

    1. Thanks! They look really fun, I'd love to have a pair.

  3. Those are some pretty awesome nails!!! The shoes are super cool also!! You're very talented!

  4. OMG that is so amazing! serious talent

  5. WOW this is beautiful *_* I'm so impressed!!