Saturday, April 14, 2012

One More Franken!

Hi everyone!  I've been working on some Lacquer Convention shades to bring you that don't require glitter suspension base.  I'm testing some interesting ones, but this is one that I kind of mixed by accident and I'm not certain if I'll be able to make it in large quantities.  It was so pretty that I decided to wear it for kicks myself, so I snapped some pictures.  

I've been in a bit of a nail art slump lately.  Everything I try to do ends up being too ambitious and I hate it!  It might have something to so with me mostly painting my nails late into the night...  I've got a big project planned for this week though:  I'm painting my helmer, and I'm not just talking re-painting it.  I'm turning it into a funky art project and I'm planning on doing some nail art to match!

In any case, my hubby is also bugging me to go, so I'll let you take a gander!

Thanks for stopping by!